Asset-Based Lending

First Financial Bank offers middle-market companies greater access to working capital with flexible asset-based lending solutions.

Our dedicated team of business credit specialists works with your business to truly understand your company’s asset value and help secure the right financing for your business. Rather than focusing on a company’s financial statement strength or leverage as the basis for credit availability, we focus on the company’s underlying assets, resulting in greater borrowing power for your business.

Asset-Based Lending Solutions

We provide asset-based financing to companies in a wide range of industries with sales of $10 million to $100 million and credit needs ranging from $1 million to $15 million. Using a combination of revolving credit and term loans supported by the assets of your company, we provide financing for:

  • Rapid sales growth
  • Growth through acquisition or expansion
  • Seasonal working capital build-up
  • Management led or equity sponsored leveraged buyout
  • Turnaround, recapitalization or restructuring
  • Refinancing of existing senior debt or subordinated debt


An asset-based facility from First Financial can provide your company with substantially more working capital than a traditional credit facility. This increased level of liquidity allows you to:p>

  • Enhance sales by acquiring complementary products or expanding sales coverage
  • Broaden your customer base by offering more lenient terms
  • Increase net income by taking advantage of supplier discounts
  • Decrease expense by paying off high-cost subordinated debt or factoring contracts

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