Corporate Card Solutions

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Take control of your company’s spending with First Financial’s Corporate Card Solutions. Learn how our corporate card programs can provide smart and customized payment options to improve company efficiency and cash flow.

Revenue Share and Rebate Program

Extend the purchasing power of your corporate card through our revenue share and rebate program.Our treasury management representatives can help you identify ways to improve the number of payment transactions you make with your corporate card helping you take advantage of additional cashflow. Receive cash back on purchases for annual expenditures exceeding $360,000

Robust Online Reporting System

Our corporate card programs allow you to take control of spending through flexible online payment management with our eZBusiness online reporting system.

Payment Flexibility

Streamline payments and gain greater control with First Financial Bank’s unique payment options. Our corporate card solutions allow your business to experience the financial freedom of purchasing everything your organization needs on your terms to keep moving forward.

No Annual Card Fees

Save time and money while enjoying all the benefits of our corporate card solutions and pay no annual fee.

Visa® BusinessCard

Use your Visa Business Card to protect your business against unauthorized purchases, insure your business travelers, simplify tracking and reporting and get online access to your business's spending information.

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Visa® Check Card

Need to make a business purchase? Just present your First Financial Visa Business Check Card, sign the receipt and the amount of your purchase will be automatically deducted from your business checking account.



eZBusiness from First Financial Bank allows your company to track employee credit expenses; access online statements, balances and credit limits; and manage employee spending.

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