eZBusiness Online Card Management

Introducing a new level of online service for businesses to better manage their credit expenses. eZBusiness from First Financial Bank gives you access to our robust online reporting system that allows your company to track employee credit expenses, access online statements, balances and credit limits, and manage employee spending.


Manage Cardholder Balances and Credit Limits

  • View current company and cardholder balances to better understand your spending patterns. Authorization controls allow you to manage spending at the organizational and individual cardholder level, including credit limits.

View Employee Credit Transactions

  • Access and track employee credit transactions to manage your company’s spending more efficiently

Make Online Payments and Access Statements Online

  • Make expense management more efficient by viewing online statements and making online payments to any company credit card

Make Account Changes Easily and Efficiently

  • Enhanced Access for eZBusiness allows you to make account changes, such as adding or removing cardholders, credit limit changes, cash access limitations and automatic account payment setup

Greater Fraud Control