Equipment Financing

First Financial can help you make your business more successful with flexible and savvy equipment finance solutions. The way you finance equipment can make a significant difference. That's why the knowledgeable team at First Financial can explain various loan and lease options that are tailored to your needs to help you acquire everything from personal computers to certain heavy transportation equipment.

Equipment Financing Solutions

We provide a wide-range of equipment finance products to businesses with annual revenues from $3-250 million. With a solutions-oriented approach to equipment finance, we deliver solutions that meet our clients' needs from a tax, accounting and cash flow perspective.

Finance Solutions

Debt-like structures include:

  • Cap Lease
  • Non-tax Operating Lease
  • Term Loan
  • Lease Line of Credit

Tax-Oriented Solutions

Tax-oriented solutions include:

  • Cap Lease
  • First Amendment Lease
  • Straight FMV Lease
  • TRAC Lease
  • Lease line of credit

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