savings account options

Cash-on-hand is vital for any growing business to make purchases and cover expenses. It's also equally important that your business's savings continue their earning power-even when they're not in use. Let us show you how your business can start earning interest on idle balances to grow your savings for future success.

Commercial First Savings

With only $100, you can open an account today and begin saving toward your goals with convenient access through online banking, and our retail banking centers. Make deposits and withdrawals when it is convenient for you.

Commercial Money Market Savings

Earn competitive money market interest rates with a larger initial deposit and savings balance. Access your funds through the convenience of online banking and our retail banking centers.


Sweep Account Options

Collecting receivables and converting them to cash is essential to meet your daily cash flow needs. Do you have funds sitting idle while you wait for items to be presented for payment from your account? Put them to work with sweep accounts.

Interest First Sweep

Our basic sweep account option-earn interest on previously idle balances, earn a competitive interest rate and receive full automation in movement of funds, both to the investment side or back to cover outstanding checks. Enjoy the security of FDIC insurance for your investment option.

Line of Credit Sweep

Successfully pay down your line of credit without impacting your cash flow. Use the idle cash in your checking account to help reduce your interest expense. An easy tracking system ensures all sweeps appear on your monthly statement.


Ultimate Sweep

A two-in-one sweep option that allows you to pay down your line of credit when you have an outstanding balance or invest in our Interest First Sweep after your line of credit is paid. Ideal for seasonal businesses who want to earn interest and reduce interest expense… all in one service.

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