Treasury Management Services

Treasury management includes the direction of external and internal funds for your business, the management of its cash flow and the strategies, policies and procedures of corporate finance.

Online Banking

Anytime access to your account. Efficiently pay employees via direct deposit or wire transfer funds worldwide. Set up alerts to bring attention to incoming funds, low balances and even fraudulent activity.

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Online Cash Management

Manage your business's incoming and outgoing funds with online cash management. Manage wires and ACH transactions. Set up additional user IDs with customized permissions for others in your company.

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First Remote Deposit

Allows you to electronically make deposits from your office at any time. Scan your deposits using the equipment provided by First Financial and we'll send you an e-receipt for every deposit. Saves time, improves record-keeping and extends cut-off times.


Lockbox Collection

Provides automatic collection and depositing of funds. Offers faster collection of receivables and generally allows a one- to two-day acceleration of funds availability. Delivers quick, accurate posting of receivables with multiple reporting options to include an automated data feed to update your company's accounts receivable systems.

Fraud Control

Positive Pay quickly identifies potentially fraudulent items, allowing you to review exceptions and create an automatic daily reconciliation through an easy electronic process.


ACH Block provides an automated block or filter on unauthorized electronic charges.

Zero Balance Account

Allows concentration of balances from multiple accounts into a single account. Eliminates excess balances, provides greater control of disbursements, maximizes cash flow and reduces the possibility of fraud.





CD-ROM Statement

Allows CD storage of your financial data. Saves time with a quick-search feature, increases security and eliminates bulky paper storage.


Account Reconciliation

Provides automated reconciliation of checks, deposits and more. Reduces administrative expense, streamlines recordkeeping and meets specs of any software.


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