Holiday Gift Giving Guide
4 sensible reasons to reach for a credit card for your holiday shopping
by First Financial Bank

We usually hear that cash is king, but when it comes to the bustle of holiday shopping, your credit card rules the wallet. In this busy season, reach for your credit cards for shopping with ease and peace of mind. Here are four reasons credit cards will keep you merry and bright as you make your holiday purchases this year.

1. Speed

Credit card transactions are fast—especially when used for online purchases. You might not have time to get to a store, but if you are near your wallet and a smartphone, you’re only a few taps away from what you need. Shopping doesn’t feel like such an overwhelming task when you can do it in the palm of your hand. For safety, remember to avoid using public Wi-Fi when you are making online purchases. You should always check for a padlock icon to the left of a web address, indicating a secure, encrypted status that protects your personal information.

2. Simplicity

Credit cards are easy—easy to carry, easy to use. When your hands are full of shopping bags and with children in tow, you just dip the security chip and you’re on your way. Your monthly bill is an automatic record of spending, conveniently listed in one accessible place. Returns are easy with credit cards; some stores don’t even require a receipt if you present your card instead.

3.  Safety and security

If you lose cash, it’s gone without a trace. If your card happens to be lost or stolen, one call to your bank and you can deactivate it and render it a useless piece of plastic to anyone with malicious intentions. Most credit cards are covered in a multi-layered security system that doesn’t even wait for you to notice a misplaced or misused card—the bank detects fraudulent activity on your behalf. For example, if your card is being used to fill a gas tank in Las Vegas, but you live in Cincinnati, the bank flies a red flag and goes into immediate damage control—typically at no cost to you.

4.  Set for success

Credit cards are set up to allow you financial freedoms cash can’t afford. With a credit card, you have more spending power. The opportunity to buy now and pay later allows you to make large purchases that life sometimes requires. Set up your credit card with a management app, like First Financial Bank’s MyCard Caddy, to help you stay on budget and use your card to its full potential. Receive real-time alerts about card activity and notifications when your balance falls below a specified amount. Overspending is tougher with these helpful features.

At First Financial Bank, our clients’ safety and security are top priority. We work diligently to protect accounts from fraudulent activity. Notify us immediately, if you suspect anything happening with your account.