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A Baby Boomer, Millennial, & Gen Z Walk Into A Bank…
by First Financial Bank

No. This isn’t the set up for a joke. It’s just a normal day at a local banking center. That’s because, regardless of age, or online and mobile banking options available, local banking centers still serve important roles in our lives.

According to Accenture’s North America Consumer Digital Banking Survey, most consumers plan to use their local bank branch in the future and want human interaction when they go there (86 percent of consumers 18 to 34 years old, 85 percent of consumers 35 to 54, and 90 percent of consumers 55 years old and over).

Why? Your local banking center is a lot like one of Apple’s Genius bars. It’s the place you can go to speak with a friendly financial expert firsthand.

Banking geniuses

You can get advice on financial products, such as credit cards, auto loans or home equity lines in a variety of ways. Most banks offer online tools to help you answer basic questions. However, for more complex situations you may opt for a face-to-face conversation with an expert.

The Accenture study revealed that these are the top reasons people still like to visit a banking center:

  • Open new accounts
  • Get advice about banking products, such as mortgages or car loans
  • Discuss small business financing options
  • Access the ATM machine

Surprised to see accessing ATMs on the list? You really shouldn’t be. Even though electronic payment options are increasingly popular, keeping some cash on-hand has its benefits.

Cash is accepted almost anywhere – and in some places it’s required. Cash is great for tipping your server, visiting a farmers’ market or paying the babysitter. If you need to stick to a budget, consider paying with cash versus credit.

We’re close to you

To find the ATM nearest you or the closest local banking center, visit our locations section online. We’ve even included our Allpoint ATM locations that you can access surcharge-free whether you’re across town or traveling miles away.

At First Financial Bank, we love helping customers in our community with their everyday lives through our local banking centers. Stop by and say hi.