Kid's Corner
Kid's Corner
by First Financial Bank

Grocery Shopping

Welcome back! In this edition of kid's corner, your kids take a trip to the grocery store! They'll grab the groceries they need, add up the total cost of all items, and use our play money to pay the cashier.

Past activities for more fun!

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Bath Paint

Welcome back to kid's corner! In this installment, your kids get the chance to explore sensory learning, color, and even a bit of chemistry with our Bath Paint activity. All you'll need is a cup of shaving cream, some food coloring, and plastic cups (a paintbrush is optional)! 

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Dollar Dash and Spin and Spend

For this week’s kid’s corner, we’ve developed a money counting game called Dollar Dash. All you need is one die. Each number on the die represents a coin, and the first person to reach $1.00 wins.

We are also proud to bring you our Spin and Spend game. Simply spin the included spinner template to find out how much to subtract from each piggy bank. Both of this week’s activities reinforce the value of various coins.

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Coin War

For this week’s Kid’s Corner, we are excited to bring you a new take on a classic game, Coin War. This game is played just like the card game war, but you have to add up the values of the coins on the card to find out what your card is worth. This game will help to teach your children the value of coins.

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"Don't Break the Bank"

For this week’s Kid’s Corner, we’ve created a fun game that helps your children get more comfortable handling money. This game is an excellent way to teach your children to be careful with money and to avoid “breaking the bank.”

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Coin caterpillars and "Take it to the Bank"

Welcome back to Kid's Corner! For this week's installment, we've created a fun coin caterpillar activity! Your kids can color each caterpillar, add up the values of the coins, and determine which caterpillars have the highest and lowest values.

We’ve also developed a board game called “Take it to the Bank”. Each space features a different coin. Each time a player lands on a space they should track the amount. Once someone reaches the end of the board, all players add the coin values from spaces they’ve landed on. The player with the most money wins!

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Savings ledger, budget sheet, and more!

For this week’s Kid’s Corner, we’ve created a savings ledger and budget sheet! This can be paired with the chore chart and money jars from last week to provide an all-around budgeting experience.

We also have a fun muffin tin money counting game! Your children can use our play money or real coins in this fun exercise that teaches the values of money.

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Chore chart and savings jars

For this week’s Kid’s Corner we’ve developed a weekly chore chart and a template for three savings jars. Our “Give,” “Save,” and “Spend” method of saving will teach your children to budget their earned money while remembering to set aside some money to give back. Our weekly chore chart is customizable based on your child’s age and abilities.

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Learning about soap and germs

In this week’s installment of Kid's Corner we are excited to share a project that shows the impact soap can have on germs. This is a simple yet powerful project and will help you explain the importance of washing your hands to the children in your home. 

All you will need to complete this project is:

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Welcome to Kid's Corner

We know this is a trying time for many families and the next few weeks are going to be difficult for parents due to COVID-19. The kids have been sent home from school, many parents are now working from home, and there is tremendous uncertainty about when this all will end. Even in times of crisis, First Financial Bank is committed to making your life easier. With nearly every school in our footprint being closed, we know it can be tough to find educational activities to improve their education while they are home, so we’ve compiled a few of our favorites in one place to help make it easier for you.

One of the things we are excited to announce is we will be sharing a series of crafts and activities on a weekly basis on our Facebook page.

  • Some of these activities will require the use of paper money, so we’ve created a printable template for you if you aren’t comfortable with your children using real money. You can print these play dollars and cents in black and white to save on printing resources.
  • We developed a coin counting game you can play with your children to teach them the value of coins. Simply print out the coin cards and cut out individually. Each card has coins on it, with three possible values below. Your child can then  use a coin, paperclip, or clothespin to pick the value of the coins. For those without a printer, the game can be played on a tablet or computer by pointing to select the value of the coins.

Keep an eye out for more of our weekly activity posts on Facebook. In the meantime, here are a few of our favorite free and educational virtual activities for children to enjoy during this period of social distancing.

  • Cincinnati Zoo – The Cincinnati Zoo will be hosting their Home Safari program through Facebook every day at 3pm. This program will feature a different animal every day and is a great educational opportunity for your children.
  • Creative Sprinkles Studio – Creative Sprinkles Studio in Cincinnati is going live every day with an exciting craft for your children to do. These creative opportunities will be perfect for your kids while they are home from school.
  • Museum Coloring Sheets – With more than 100 museums contributing coloring books based on their collections, the Color Our Collections program is an exciting way to keep your young learners engaged and entertained.
  • Museum Virtual Tours – The Musée d’Orsay in Paris has made one of their most popular galleries available for a virtual walkthrough. Your young learner will be able to see works by Monet, Gaugin, and more!
  • Scholastic Free Learning – Scholastic has rolled out a new program called Scholastic Learn at Home. Every day will come with a new learning adventure tailored for grades PreK – 6.
  • PBS Kids Daily Newsletter – Throughout the course of the COVID-19 outbreak PBS Kids will be sending out a daily newsletter filled with ideas for learning activities.
  • GoNoodle – Your children are full of energy, especially when they are stuck in the house more than usual. This free program provides an awesome opportunity for your kids to get up and dance around with engaging content and games.

We are closely monitoring COVID-19 and have dedicated a section of our blog to help keep our clients up-to-date with the latest information about our banking centers, digital ways of banking, as well as enhancements we’re making to our products and services to accommodate our current situation. We are here to help you, so if there is anything we can do to make your life easier, please let us know. Our Client First Center is available, Monday through Friday, 8 am - 8 pm ET, and Saturday, 8 am - 5 pm ET at 877-322-9530.


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