First In The Community
First Financial Bank Donates Computer Equipment to Louisville Metro Digital Inclusion Plan
by First Financial Bank

First Financial Bank recently donated computer equipment (valued at $31,300) to the Louisville Metro Digital Inclusion Plan. Items donated included laptop and desktop computers, keyboards, mice, monitors and network switches.

The Digital Inclusion Plan will increase socioeconomic mobility and job attainment for residents, and it is a starting point for grant applications. Louisville Metro is using the plan to pursue Mayor Fischer’s larger strategic goals for the region in a few ways, especially when it comes to jobs, education and being a more compassionate city. Whether applying for a job, doing homework, or starting a business, all residents need digital skills, tools and connectivity. Louisville citizens need adequate and affordable hardware, assistive technology and technical support for those devices. With gaps existing across racial and socioeconomic lines nationwide in terms of laptop and desktop ownership, the City of Louisville is working with Community Service clients to bring hot-spots and laptops into homes as well as looking for sustainable ways they can re-purpose used laptops from community partners, in hopes of closing those gaps in skills and hardware.

First Financial Bank places a large importance on financial education and supporting the local communities it serves through various offerings, volunteer efforts and donations. Honored to donate computer equipment to such a great initiative, the bank is proud to work with community partners to provide technology for in-need families. First Financial knows the significance of improving connectivity and helping others obtain the skills they need to develop a strong foundation for lifelong competency.