First In The Community
First Financial Bank Makes Impactful $200,000 Donations to Heritage Fund and Foundation for Youth
by First Financial Bank

On June 13, 2018, First Financial Bank will substantially invest in our local community. The Heritage Fund and The Foundation for Youth will each receive a $100,000 donation, presented during a Meet and Greet Event in Columbus with Claude E. Davis, Executive Chairman, Archie M. Brown, Jr., President and CEO, and the Columbus, IN leadership team from First Financial Bank. The event will be held at The Commons (300 Washington St. in Columbus), on Wednesday, June 13, 2018 from 4:30-6:30pm.

Heritage Fund - $100,000

The Heritage Fund will announce The 100 Campaign to grow assets of the Community Fund and increase grant-making capacity. This campaign seeks to raise an initial $200,000, first through donations by 100 community members if each make a $1,000 donation to the Community Fund. This donation will be combined with donations from other members / partners, including 10 lead donors who each pledged $10,000 to match the 100 contributions. At the end of the campaign, the Fund will have raised $200,000 for the benefit of the Columbus community. First Financial Bank will then donate $100,000 to make the grand total $300,000.

The Heritage Fund will invest the campaign funds along with a larger pool of assets. Over time, the funds will grow and distributions will be used to address changing needs and build a better community. The Community Fund will assist in future endeavors just as it has helped with many past projects including the rebuild of The Commons, Pre-K initiatives, opioid abuse prevention and millions of dollars in support of the local non-profit agencies. The Heritage Fund has a huge impact on the local community and moves forward towards growth for future community needs and development.

Foundation for Youth - $100,000

The Foundation for Youth will also receive a $100,000 donation from First Financial Bank. Each year, a significant number of kids vie to be part of the organization and it’s Day at the Club and Summer Camp, but costs prohibit them from doing so. With over $200,000 in scholarships needed each year, funds come from every possible means of gift: charitable organizations, corporations, individual gifts and more. This year, First Financial will present a $100,000 scholarship donation for local children of families with extended need.

The Foundation for Youth strives daily to inspire and enable the youth and the community. It is made up of high-quality youth and community programs with a dedicated staff always willing to learn ways to improve their services and provide a better experience to those, young and old, who participate in their programs. The organization provides programs for kids, teens and adults that include Big Brothers Big Sisters, Columbus Youth Camp, Special Events, Health and Fitness, Athletics, Education and so many more. The support the Foundation for Youth receives enables it to provide a safe environment for children to work, play and grow, life-enhancing programs designed to educate and provide skills to succeed in life, and relationships with caring, trained adults who are responsive to a child’s daily realties.

First Financial Bank is committed to collaborating with non-profit agencies, supporting and strengthening our local communities and to helping our neighbors develop a strong foundation for financial success.