Holiday Gift Giving Guide
Holiday gifts under $100 – 15 ideas for everyone on your list
by First Financial Bank

The holidays are just around the corner. For your loved ones, just any gift won’t do. Use this guide to help you fill your sleigh and surprise the men, women, kids, teens and families on your list with a perfect gift this year, all for under $100 each.

Gifts for him

Portable hammock - $49.95

Give your guy what he needs the most—a nap. A portable hammock packs into a softball-sized stuff pack, easy to anchor anywhere his busy life takes him. Available in a variety of colors to match his truck, tent or eyes.

Fingerprint padlock - $36.90

Give the gift of security with a padlock that opens with a fingerprint. Perfect for gym lockers, luggage, gates, and more, both indoors and outside. Leave keys and combinations behind; it requires a simple touch. 

Fire starter - $49.95

Since the beginning of time, men and fire go together. Spark his love for fire with an air-driven lighter. Fueled by butane, the Rapid Fire Starter is a mega match to get a fire blazing without the wait. Bring on the steaks!

Gifts for her

Reisenthal tote basket - $56.99

An ergonomic tote is a must-have for a busy woman whose arms are always full. This durable basket is for more than a picnic; it’s an all-in-one briefcase, grocery bag, and catch-all for the things that weigh her down. We like the polka dots, but you can choose from a variety of fashionable prints to suit her style.

Cityscape ring - $23.62

She’s got you wrapped around her finger; wrap this cityscape ring around hers. Select silver, gold, or rose gold and a meaningful city skyline of your choice for a custom-designed ring. For a special touch, have the inside engraved with a personal message.

Aftershokz bone-conducting headphones - $79.95

Designed for safety, these wireless headphones use technology that delivers sound via the cheekbones, allowing wearers to keep their ears free to hear their surroundings while listening to music or making a call. She’ll appreciate the comfortable design; you’ll appreciate that she can hear you say, “I love you!”

Gifts for kids

Doodle pillowcase - $19.95

Kids can color their world with this beautifully illustrated pillowcase map. Ten washable fabric markers are included to get your little artist started right away on this project that never ends. Ignite a curiosity about cultures from around the globe with the fun facts featured in its design.

Karaoke microphone - $29.95

Do you have a budding superstar on your holiday list? This karaoke microphone works with any smartphone to put your favorite performer in the spotlight. Kids can choose a silly voice or use their own to brighten your holiday with a special song.

Mega marble run - $79.95

No kid can resist a massive maze of twists and turns for marbles. This set includes a motorized marble elevator for unlimited fun. Bring out the engineer in the kids on your list with this educational toy that delights all ages.

Gifts for teens

Smartphone-controlled paper airplane kit - $49.99

Unite the classic paper airplane and today’s technology and use a smartphone for hands-on flying fun. Teens can experiment, tweaking paper planes for successful flights.

Fjallraven Kånken backpack - $79.95

Originally a Swedish school backpack, the Kånken is being worn across Europe and America. Save your teen’s back and reputation with this spacious bag that comes in a variety of colors.

Portable photo printer - $89.99

A pocket-sized printer is just the thing for the social teen in your life. Enjoy life’s moments together, then print pics on the spot to share and remember.

Gifts for the whole family

Ticket to Ride board game - $44.99

All aboard! Race to buy train routes, connecting cities across North America. A game of both strategy and luck, Ticket to Ride is a traveling adventure for the whole family.

Double RainbowMaker - $55.00

This mesmerizing ornament showers your home with rainbows all year long. Two Swarovski crystals rotate on visible gears, fueled by solar power. As the crystals catch the sunbeams, they create brilliant rainbows all around your home for all to enjoy—even pets!

Compact air fryer - $46.99

Crispy fries without the grease? Yes, please! Crank up an air fryer to enjoy crunchy snacks at home, without the unhealthy oil.  

Enjoy spreading maximum holiday cheer with these unique gifts that cause minimum impact on your wallet. Happy holidays from your friends at First Financial Bank!


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