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At First Financial Bank, our Treasury Management products and services will assist with optimizing your business’s cash flow, streamline your daily banking needs, and save you time so that you can focus on growing your business.

Let one of our professional Treasury Management Sales Officers assist you with building the cash management solution that best meets the needs of your business and provide you with a level of service that will exceed your expectations.

Information Management

Your success depends on access to information. At First Financial, we understand the critical role information management and analysis plays in streamlining your financial activity. We offer fast, accurate and secure access to the information you need to proactively manage your business. Our team will personally work with you to tailor the right information solution plan for you and your business!

  • Account Reconciliation

    Account Reconciliation

    Spending too much time and resources reconciling your bank accounts? Our reconciliation services allow you to receive a bank prepared file that can be used to streamline and automate much of your reconciliation process. Service options available include:
    • Check
    • Deposit
    • Full

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  • Electronic Data Interchange

    Electronic Data Interchange

    The electronic data interchange function allows you to transfer data from one computer system to another by standardized message formatting. Easily exchange documents such as purchase orders, shipping notices or invoices - all electronically! Save time and money by simplifying the process through which you transfer data relating to the day-to-day transactions of your business.

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  • ACH Returns Management

    ACH Returns Management

    Many businesses rely heavily on timely ACH payment information. At First Financial, our ACH returns management services allow you to receive same-day ACH return information. This access to the most current and accurate ACH return information will allow you to more efficiently manage your ACH payment process and reconciliation.

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  • Online Commercial Banking

    Online Commercial Banking

    Access your accounts from anywhere and at any time. Our online banking services provide you with real time information for all of your accounts. Other capabilities include:
    • Prior day and current day reporting
    • Electronic statements/alert services
    • Check and deposit images
    • Account funds transfer
    • Download account activity to accounting software
    • Stop payments

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Liquidity Management

Be proactive in managing your excess cash by employing our suite of automated sweep account services in your business account structure. Use any of our services to automate the funds management process to meet your daily liquidity needs.

  • Investment Sweeps

    Investment Sweeps

    Invest your excess cash on a daily basis. Check out our options:
    • Interest First Sweep
    • Repurchase Agreement Sweep
    • Money Market Sweep
    • Institutional Funds Sweep

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  • Line of Credit Sweeps

    Line of Credit Sweeps

    Minimize your interest payments on your line of credit by using our credit sweep service. Use your excess cash to automatically pay down the principal balance on your line of credit each business day. *Subject to credit approval

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  • Zero Balance Account Sweeps

    Zero Balance Account Sweeps

    Automate the transfer of funds between your accounts.

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All loans subject to credit approval

Disbursements and Payables

Effectively manage your company’s cash flow, minimize costs and optimize working capital. We will assist your business with implementing the right combination of traditional disbursement services and recommendations that will help your business with daily cash flow.

  • ACH Disbursements

    ACH Disbursements

    Our ACH services can be used to efficiently manage your payables process for items such as:
    • Payroll
    • Vendor payments
    • EDI payments
    • Tax

    Our online ACH and ACH file transfer service can allow for timely processing and give you the tools necessary to replace the administration, expense and risk associated with check payments.

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  • Wire Transfer Disbursements

    Wire Transfer Disbursements

    Send funds domestically or internationally in a safe and convenient way including:
    • Online banking service
    • PIN based phone request
    • Visit your local First Financial banking center

    Please be aware that you must complete a Wire Transfer Agreement in order to send wire transfers.

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  • Business Bill Pay Solutions

    Business Bill Pay Solutions

    Use our bill pay services to set-up vendors or recurring payments and receive your bills electronically. Additional bill pay functions can provide your business assistance with managing your employee payroll as well.

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  • Corporate Card Solutions

    Corporate Card Solutions

    Take advantage of our corporate card offerings through our purchasing card services or debit card services.

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  • Check Solutions

    Check Solutions

    We offer great check solutions including check imaging and controlled disbursements.

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  • Payroll Solutions

    Payroll Solutions

    First Financial works with Paycor as a service provider of payroll and human resource systems. A dedicated representative of Paycor provides a review of your current payroll process and human resource needs to identify the right recommendations for your business.

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All loans subject to credit approval

Collections and Receivables

Accelerate your company’s cash flow and improve the availability of your funds with our collections and receivables solutions. By employing an efficient and cost-saving receivables solution, you can give your customers various options for payment. Our solutions will assist with quickly processing and clearing payments, so you can spend more time focusing on your business.

  • Remote Deposit

    Remote Deposit

    Scan your check deposits electronically without having to leave the office.

    • Desktop Remote
    • Deposit
    • Mobile Remote Deposit
    • E-Deposit
    • Same day credit prior to 8:30 PM EST
    • Online reporting and data capture
    • Several equipment and pricing options

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  • Lockbox Solutions

    Lockbox Solutions

    Our lockbox services provide an outsourcing for processing of your customer payments. From mail collection to cash application of customer payments, we provide a cost effective solution to help you improve your business performance.

    • Wholesale Services
    • Retail Services
    • Healthcare Services

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  • ACH Collections

    ACH Collections

    Streamline your receivables process by leveraging our ACH collection services. Work with your customers to establish electronic payments and we will assist you with setting up the appropriate ACH payment solution.

    • Debit Collection Services
    • Cash Concentration Services

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  • Wire Transfer Payments

    Wire Transfer Payments

    Whether you conduct business domestically or internationally, First Financial Bank will help ensure you're sending funds in a safe and convenient way.

    • Domestic Transfers
    • International Transfers

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  • Merchant Services

    Merchant Services

    We offer full-service card processing options. Merchant services can help strengthen customer relationships, improve cash flow and streamline payment process.

    • Terminal Solutions
    • Vital Payment Portal
    • Mobile Payment

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Fraud Control

First Financial offers multiple solutions to safeguard important financial information and help mitigate your company’s risk of fraud. With an array of fraud control services, we will provide you with the appropriate account controls to give you peace of mind.


  • Check Positive Pay

    Check Positive Pay

    Check fraud continues to remain the number one risk of payment fraud for a business. Our affordable check positive pay service can help protect your accounts with services including:
    • Payee Verification
    • Check Verification

  • ACH Positive Pay

    ACH Positive Pay

    Electronic payment fraud is on the rise and the prevalence of cyber fraud can put your account information at risk. Our ACH positive pay service allows you to decide which electronic debits and/or credits are allowed on your accounts and block those that are unauthorized. This service is a great, cost-effective way to protect your business.

  • Online Security

    Online Security

    First Financial offers multiple solutions to help keep your information safe online including:
    • IP address restrictions
    • Token key access
    • Dual user control
    • Active alert notifications

International Services

Our smart solutions will help minimize risk and allow you to effectively manage business
with organizations around the world. 

  • Standby Letters of Credit

    Standby Letters of Credit

    Standby letters of credit (L/Cs) offer a flexible financing tool your business can use to support a variety of payment or performance obligations. Standby L/Cs can simplify and streamline a wide range of financial transactions and enhance your credit standing in the process.

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  • Commercial Import Letters of Credit

    Commercial Import Letters of Credit

    If you are an importer requiring letter of credit (L/C) services, we can help streamline your overseas transactions and reduce both your risks and costs. A commercial import L/C issued through First Financial Bank ensures that you won’t have to pay for the goods you import until they are shipped and that all documents are verified and in order.

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  • Foreign Exchange Services

    Foreign Exchange Services

    The international payments markets can be a vast and confusing place. First Financial Bank can help you better understand it and help you more effectively navigate you business through it.

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