Dream Builder home loans

You’re working hard to build a good life and we’re here to help. Our Dream Builder
program is designed to help home buyers afford more home.

Dream Builder offers unique benefits that fit your financial position1
  • Second mortgage up to 5% of value2 can be used for down payment
  • Reduced closing costs on first mortgage and no closing costs on second mortgage
  • Additional grant programs may be applied
  • Up to 97% Loan-to-Value and 105% Combined Loan-to-Value
  • Reduced fees and competitive rates
Knowledge for first-time buyers

Steps to help you on the path to your new home

If you’re dreaming of becoming a homeowner, take care to prepare. Before you even step into that open house at the charming bungalow on the corner, follow these seven steps for a shortcut on the path to your first home.

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Renting vs. buying: which is better?

For some people, home ownership represents the American Dream—serving as the pinnacle of the transition into adulthood. For others, it may feel like a hassle. Wherever you land, buying a house is a decision you shouldn’t rush.

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