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Transform your online banking experience. f1RSTNAVIGATOR can help empower your business to make more informed financial decisions by utilizing advanced cash management capabilities to more effectively monitor, manage and analyze your accounts. Explore the different settings and features your business can utilize through f1RSTNAVIGATOR.


The dashboard, available directly after logging in, serves as a one-stop shop for high level, up to date balance and transaction information, as well as quick links related to your accounts. With the ability to gain greater insight into the everyday transactions of your business, the tools within the dashboard of f1RSTNAVIGATOR can help you make more informed decisions that will positively impact your core business functions.

Depending on your access rights, your dashboard may include up to eight of the following portlets:

Message of the Day

A dedicated panel within f1RSTNAVIGATOR where you will receive important announcements about things happening at First Financial. These updates will include holiday transaction processing, new service offerings, or other product updates.

Financial Overview

A readily available snap shot of your accounts at First Financial where you can see a summary of current and previous day balances. This overview also provides a quick link to each of your accounts where you can see detailed transaction information.


Gives your Company the ability to manage users who have access to firstNAVIGATOR including: creating new users, setting entitlements, and resetting passwords. Through the Administration module, you can take control of your Online Banking experience.

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Book Transfer

Quick tool for you to transfer funds between your accounts right from your dashboard for one time transfers. Additionally, within the module, you can set-up one time transfers or recurring transfers, and transfer between multiple accounts at once.

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Information Broadcasting

First Financial is always looking to keep you up to date to make sure you have all the tools you need to run your business. Through Information Broadcasting, we will provide you with tips on how you can protect your accounts and be more efficient.

Action Required Alerts

A quick view from the main dashboard to show you areas where you need to take action. The Action Required Alerts provide you with a notification that something is awaiting your approval and gives you a link where you can see more details.

Most Used Services

f1RSTNAVIGATOR learns how you work best and uses that knowledge to make your job easier. The Most Used Services section of the Dashboard is customized for each user and provides you with links to the applications you visit most often.

Favorite Reports

Through the Balance Reports module, you have the ability to manage reports based on various criteria. You can now save your most often viewed reports as a Favorite which will create a link on your dashboard to easily run it on a daily basis.

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Book Transfers

Through the book transfers portlet, your business has access to a variety of different book transfer options, as well as your book transfer history. Additional capabilities related to book transfers within f1RSTNAVIGATOR include:

  • Sending a one-time or recurring book transfer
  • View the details & statuses of all of your book transfers for the past 90 days
  • Export a book transfer report
ACH Solutions

Accessing the most current and accurate ACH return information is essential to helping your business more efficiently manage your ACH payment process and reconciliation. ACH capabilities within f1RSTNAVIGATOR include the ability to:

  • Create ACH templates and template approvals
  • Activate ACH batches
  • Create Authorization hierarchies
  • Upload ACH files through ACH Pass Through Application
  • Review ACH exceptions and reversals
  • Review ACH activity management and status reports
Wire Transfers

Quickly process and clear payments by utilizing wire transfers. Additional wire transfer capabilities available within f1RSTNAVIGATOR include the ability to:

  • Initiate multiple wires at once
  • Send domestic and international* wires
  • Create wire transfer groups
  • Designate user authorities for sending and approving wire transfers
  • Run and export reports

*Additional charge for international wire transactions

Transaction Management System (TMS)

Help mitigate fraudulent transactions or unauthorized activity through our integrated Transaction Management System, which offers fraud protection solutions including:

  • Real-time account fraud and security alerts
  • Traditional Check Positive Pay
  • ACH Positive Pay
  • Reverse Positive Pay
  • EDI Reports
  • ACH Returns and Notification of Change (NOC)
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Stop payments

Conveniently access your current and past account statement information by utilizing eStatements. 

  • Utilize eStatements for fast access to your current and past account statement information
  • Once activated, the system retains 12 months of electronic statements

Access information or complete transactions related to your loan including:

  • Loan Payments
  • Loan Draws
  • View History
  • Reporting
Bill Pay

Single sign-on access to our Online Bill Pay platform allows your business to better streamline your electronic billing and payment processes.

Within the Bill Pay platform, designated online banking users are able to:

  • Grant user access and assign permission levels
  • Create one-time payments or reoccurring payments
  • Schedule payments for real time or the future
  • Add or change a payee
  • Organize payments by groups (utility, vendors, etc.)