just in time for your holiday purchases


Whether you're scoring Cyber Monday deals or hitting the stores this holiday season, take advantage of 0% APR1  on all of your purchases when you use your First Financial credit card.

No action is required on your part… we’ll automatically lower the APR on all purchases you make from November 27 through December 26, 2019. 0% APR1 will continue on these purchases for up to six billing cycles.


holiday gift giving guide
8 Unique gifts

You know who they are—the people on your holiday list who are just plain hard to buy for: dads, teens, the friend who has everything. Just in time for the holidays, here’s a list of eight unique gifts for the hard-to-please in your life.

Gift ideas
High-tech protection features

As thieves make more sophisticated efforts to steal our personal information, credit cards are becoming smarter, too, taking an offensive approach to safeguard our money. Follow these four guidelines to take control of your credit accounts and stay SAFE this holiday shopping season.

Shop in your socks

Doing your holiday shopping online is convenient—no lines, no parking hassles, and no holiday crowds. Follow these four smart tips for saving money while you shop online this holiday season.

online tips
Reasons to reach for a credit card

We usually hear that cash is king, but when it comes to the bustle of holiday shopping, your credit card rules the wallet. Here are four reasons credit cards will keep you merry and bright as you make your holiday purchases this year.

shop with confidence
Holidays on a budget

Unless you have a magical, bottomless bag of toys like Santa, you’ll likely want to set a holiday gift budget. For the best success, make a gift-giving plan before you even start shopping with these five savvy ways to save.

5 ways to save
Gifts under $100

The holidays are just around the corner. For your loved ones, just any gift won’t do. Use this guide to help you fill your sleigh and surprise the men, women, kids, teens and families on your list with a perfect gift this year, all for under $100 each.

Get the gifts
Make charitable dollars count

It’s satisfying to open our wallets with generosity and help others in need, but how do we make good choices for a meaningful donation? Here’s a guide to making your charitable dollars count this holiday season.

Give first