Login Information

As we transition to a new online banking system, you’ll experience a change to the way you access your account:


On the home page of our Web site, look for Account Login at the top of the page. You may either hover over or click on this to input your current online banking ID. Then click Go.

Login 1

Is my login secure?


On the next screen, your current online banking ID will be prepopulated in the Login ID field.

If you have not yet transitioned to the new system, you will see the screen noted below. Input your password and click Go.


Login 2


If you have transitioned to the new system, you will see the screen displayed below:

  • If is your first time logging in, skip the password box and click the I am a First-Time User check box. Then click Go.
  • If you have logged in before, input your password and click Go.

Login 3




Is my login secure? Why don’t I see “https” in the address bar?

Yes. First Financial bank never transmits your personal information without first ensuring there is a secure connection.

On our login screens, you will see fields to input your account number and/or password. These fields themselves are located within a small window (provided by our new online banking provider) that is secure.


Before sending your account number and password to our online banking system, your browser will establish a “secure” connection that will encrypt your data. Your information is then encrypted and then sent to our new online banking system.


Once you connect to our new online banking system, on most browsers you should notice a padlock in the status bar indicating your information is secure and your session is encrypted.

For more information, check out our interactive tools