First Time Home Buyers

Everything you need to know about getting a loan.


No matter what your budget, First Financial Bank can help make it easier to finance your first home. Our Mortgage Loan Consultants are ready to assist you and explain the options - so you can be in your first home sooner than you think.

How much can I afford?

Lenders usually want your mortgage payment to be no more than 29% of your gross income (before deductions). A lower interest rate means you can afford a more expensive home, and still pay the same each month.

Do I need a big down payment?

Depending on the mortgage you select, you’ll need at least 3%. We also have zero down mortgages to meet the specific needs of some clients. These products are an affordable alternative for those looking to minimize the amount of money they need for a down payment.

Should I get a fixed-rate loan — or adjustable?

If you plan to stay in your home for a long period of time, consider a fixed-rate mortgage that “locks in” the current interest rate. If you don’t plan to stay long, or intend to refinance at some point, an adjustable-rate loan will give you a lower initial rate and payments—but the rate could change.

What if my credit isn’t perfect?

Even if you do not have perfect credit, or have previously been turned down, you may still qualify for a mortgage. In fact, we can offer you a wide range of loan options, including specialty programs that may fit your particular needs, based on your current financial situation, family considerations, and lifestyle.

Does it take long for a home loan decision?

We’ll give you a loan decision the same day, often in as little as 30 minutes. You may be surprised to know how fast and easy it can be to get a mortgage. Be sure to make an appointment with one of our Mortgage Loan Consultants today.

What items do I need to have on-hand after I apply?

You may be asked to provide documentation when you apply for a home loan, or during some part of the application process. For a checklist of these items, click here.



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