No bills, no interest charges

With a prepaid card, there is no need to pay a bill at the end of the month like a credit card would require because the money you are using is already loaded onto the card. This means you also won’t incur interest charges because the money you are spending is your own.

Budget for a vacation, holiday, or special occasion

Sticking to a budget and planning for future expenses can be tough. Load a specific amount of money to the card to establish a spending limit, track your purchases, and not overspend when it’s tempting to do so.

Manage your child’s spending

Perfect for a high schooler or college student, you can load a predetermined amount to the card for school expenses, sporting events or activities without having to worry about overdrafts or over the limit fees.

Save, budget, and pay off debt

Frequently asked questions

You can use your BackPocket card in person or online anywhere Visa® is accepted. You can also use your card at any First Financial Bank ATM and participating Visa locations.

No. There is not a minimum amount required to open a BackPocket card; once opened, it may be withdrawn to a zero ($0.00) balance.

You can spend the total balance loaded on your card at any time and you can withdraw $500 or your card balance at an ATM, whichever is less.

You can add any amount from $25-$2,500 online, at an ATM or through direct deposit at any time (up to $7,500 per week).

You may add funds to your card at any First Financial Bank banking center, First Financial Bank Smart ATM, through direct deposit, or Visa® ReadyLink location. Find the nearest location, here.

Yes, you will receive an electronic statement through the BackPocket website.

Transactions in excess of your account balance will usually be denied. If you do overdraw, your card may be closed, and you will be responsible for the amount overdrawn.

BackPocket cards are available at all First Financial Bank banking centers. Find the nearest banking center, here.

There are two easy ways to activate your card. Call 855-477-1158 or go click here to sign in.

Yes. First Financial Bank requires you to activate and register your card to protect your rights if your BackPocket card is ever lost or stolen. By registering your card, it makes the process of refunding your money for unauthorized purchases easier.

You can initiate a dispute by calling Visa® customer service at 855-447-1158.

Yes, you can have money direct deposited to your BackPocket card. We assign a routing number and an account number to your BackPocket card. You can find the assigned number below the card on the instant issue card carrier or log in to your account. The direct deposit routing and account number is listed on the “Account Summary page.” Simply provide your employer with the routing and account number.


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