Anytime. Anywhere.

With Text Banking you can accomplish most simple banking tasks from the comfort of your own home (or on the go) using only your cell phone.

Simple and convenient

Just text us! There is no need to remember a login or password when you use text banking. You can text us from anywhere when you have a cell phone signal.1

Communicate with your account

Need to know your balance or transfer money between accounts? We’ve got you covered. Not sure what command to use? All you need to do is text “HELP” to 226563.

No data? No problem!

Our Text Banking service uses your phone plan’s texts to handle your banking needs, which means if you are out of data or don’t have a strong connection, you aren’t separated from your money.

Ready to get started?

Watch our short how-to video to see how Text Banking immediately works.

Frequently asked questions

  • Go to Menu and select "Settings".
  • Select "Enroll in Text Banking".
  • Slide the toggle to enable "Text Banking".
  • Enter your SMS Text Number and agree to the terms.
  • Select "Save".
  • You will be prompted to configure your accounts with nicknames so you can easily identify them. To go to Account Preferences, select "Let’s Go!"
  • Go to the account you would like to name and select "SMS/Text".
  • To create your nickname, select the Pencil icon next to "SMS/Text Display Name".
  • Nicknames can be a combination of letters or numbers up to four characters.
  • To save your nickname, select the "checkmark". To cancel your entry, select the "cross mark".
  • Make sure "SMS/Text Enrollment" is turned on for individual accounts.

Text 226563 with one of commands below and within seconds your account will text you back!

BAL (account nickname)

HIST (account nickname)

XFER (from account nickname) (to account nickname) (amount)

LIST receive a list of available commands

HELP website to help with text banking questions

STOP disable text banking for this mobile device phone number

Yes, all standard messaging and data rates will apply.

You can text 226563. Make sure to have your account nickname ready.

1 Standard carrier and data rates may apply


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