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It's never too late to start planning for your future. That's why we have a variety of savings options to help you effectively manage your money, while still providing you with the financial freedom to enjoy life as you go.

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= service offeredeveryday savings Student Savers Holiday Clubindexed
money market
Combined statement included included included included
e-Statements and notices included included included included
Minimum deposit to open account $25 $25 $5 $5,000
How to waive monthly cost of service $250 N/A sign up for electronic statements*enroll through online banking sign up for electronic statements*enroll through online banking
Below minimum balance fee $5 N/A $4 N/A
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Everyday Savings

With only $25, you can begin saving towards your goals with convenient access through ATMs, online banking, and our retail banking centers.

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Indexed Money Market

Grow your savings securely while earning an indexed interest rate. Move up with the market, with protection provided by a fixed floor rate.

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Student Savers

Help your children learn the importance of saving. For students aged 17 and under, you can open an account with only $25.

Holiday Club Savings

It's never too soon to begin saving for the holidays. Open an account with only $5. Even better, you can deposit money automatically through our Automatic Funds Transfers, which can be easily set up at any banking center or through online banking.

Individual Retirement Accounts**

Open an IRA today and start saving for your retirement. We have a variety of plans available. Tell us about your goals for securing your future, and we'll recommend the IRA plan that is best for you.


Annuities are a popular, tax-deferred investment for those in or near retirement who are looking for a secure way to save and accumulate money for future needs, tax-deferred growth opportunities and flexible income benefit options.

Certificates of Deposit

Increase your earning power. Open a certificate of deposit account with as little as $500. There are plenty of flexible options to consider, including choosing the maturity that fits your goals.

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**This is not a deposit product, not FDIC-insured, not insured by any federal government agency, not guaranteed by the bank and may lose value.