Overdraft Services: Stay Protected

First Financial Bank offers the coverage you need to write checks, use your check card or make ATM transactions without worrying about being denied. Overdraft Privilege, Ready Reserve and Dynamic Transfer are available for all everyday account relationships.

Overdraft Privilege

Overdraft privilege is a discretionary courtesy that is extended to clients in good standing for ATM and every day check card transactions. The bank will extend protection for your check card-based transactions for all accounts when you opt in for this additional protection.
Opt in for Overdraft Privilege

Ready Reserve*

If you overdraw your account, funds are transferred from your line of credit to your checking account. You will be notified, and you have the opportunity to pay back your ready reserve account at any time.

Dynamic Transfer

If your account is overdrawn, dynamic transfer uses available funds from another account you authorize to cover the overdraft on your checking account. First Financial makes the transfer automatically on your behalf and saves you the inconvenience and embarrassment of expensive overdraft and bounced-check fees.

Checks and debits presented for payment in excess of the available balances of the Ready Reserve, Dynamic Transfer accounts or the Overdraft Privilege limit will be returned.

*Ready Reserve is subject to eligibility requirements and credit approval.