Trust Services

Over the years, you've done everything right. Saved diligently, invested wisely, made prudent financial choices. Now it's time to protect the legacy you've created.

A trust can be a powerful financial tool to help you:

  • leave more to your family by reducing or eliminating transfer taxes
  • direct how assets will be managed after your death
  • endow a family foundation or other charity while benefiting loved ones
  • protect your assets if you're unable to take charge of them

A trust can also keep your finances private and avoid the cost and delay of probate. Most importantly, a trust lets you make sure your assets will be managed according to your wishes, now and in the years ahead.

If you're interested in protecting your legacy with a trust, you have an important decision to make: Who will you rely on to be your trustee?

At First Financial, we not only handle all of the complex details of trust management and administration, but also serve as guardians, settle estates, provide custodial services and set up and manage endowments and foundations.

Learn more about how First Financial Trust Services can help you reach your goals.
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A trust may be the most important financial legacy you ever create

You need to be confident that your wishes will be carried out just as you'd planned - the exact reason why so many people choose First Financial. To find out how our trust services can guide you on the path to success, call us at 800-606-0100.