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Your path to success involves a plan, not just luck. Many people attempt to do their own wealth planning, making one decision here and another there…or they fail to decide at all and take their chances. In either case, without a plan, the path to success can end up longer and more difficult than it has to be.

At First Financial Wealth Management, we help you plan for the risks ahead by developing a comprehensive roadmap that can adjust to changes in your life-a new job, new marriage, health issues or retirement-without losing sight of where you want to be.


Wealth Planning

Information Gathering

During information gathering, we learn about your personal goals and concerns while gathering financial data.

Planning Meetings

Through one or several in-depth planning meetings, we discuss the status, issues and challenges of your financial situation to develop your custom plan.

Final Plan

We come back to you with a final plan, including actionable recommendations agreed upon during the planning meetings.


It's not an action plan until we act! Your wealth management team facilitates implementation to start you on the path to success.


Continual monitoring of your wealth management plan is key to achieving your goals.

Learn how First Financial Wealth Planning can help you reach your goals.
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Without a map, it's easy to veer off the path to success.

When you implement a plan from First Financial Wealth Management, you benefit from strategies aimed directly at your goals. To find out how our wealth planning services can guide you on the path to success, call us at 800-606-0100.