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Don’t let your next opportunity pass you by. Take out a loan so you have an ongoing line of credit for ready cash to capitalize on something big (or small). Tell us about your need. We’ll make it happen.1

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Revolving Lines of Credit

Don’t lose momentum. When your sales growth is greater than your working capital for supporting that growth, reach out to us for sound solutions.

BizFlex Line of Credit (unsecured loan up to $100,000)

Small businesses need some flexibility. Now you can secure funds of up to $100,000 – all with a quick approval, competitive low rate, and your credit is good for five years without renewing.1 How’s that for flexible?

Term Loans

Start with the best terms for your business. You’ll be able to put a one-time lump sum of cash to work immediately while enjoying flexible loan repayment over a set borrowing period with a fixed interest rate. Get financing for equipment, business acquisition, debt restructuring, and more.1

Did you know we offer microlending?

Our microlending solution is done in partnership with nonprofit organizations. We focus on startups, small business development, and education. For these more accessible business loans, credit standards are lower and tend to have the most positive impact on the communities we serve. Students who graduate from small business development programs may be eligible for loans up to $10,000 and can work with a nonprofit planner who understands their needs. For eligible nonprofit organizations seeking a program, the standard program lending limit is a revolving $100,000 minus charge offs.1

Microlending in the community

Your community is our community. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to improving the places we live and work. We recently provided $40,000 to the Northwest Indiana Reinvestment Alliance (NWIRA) to help provide funding for small minority-owned businesses.

Ready for more information?

We know you’re busy. If you’re looking for help with loans and credit lines, you’re in the right place. Just fill out this form and someone will contact you soon.


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Business equipment leasing vs. financing: What’s best for your needs?

From technology to machinery, equipment for your business can be a big expense. Is it better to buy or lease? What loans are right for this purpose? Get insights on how best to handle these costs to protect your profitability.1

Lending solutions for small business improvements

No matter your lender, your business lending options are wide-ranging. Here's what you should know before you start comparing terms and rates1.

1 All loans are subject to credit review and approval.

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