Diverse group of professionals at business meeting
Diverse group of professionals at business meeting

first in the community

Giving back? Bank on it.

What matters to you, matters to us. Because your community is our community, we try to help out where it matters most. In 2019, First Financial invested over $1.6 million1 into approximately 1,045 programs to support the community. Through financial investments, in-kind services, sponsorships, and donations, we consistently invest in organizations that are either located in emerging markets or that offer services in these communities. Our goal is to foster economic growth, stability, and neighborhood revitalization.

We are committed to taking a leadership position in the community through the continued implementation of our ALIVE strategy through which we provide solutions and opportunities to help clients in our emerging markets be successful. We are proud to support our local neighbors with programs, education, and organizations that enhance lives. The keys areas we focus on include:

Making positive change that lasts

We believe there’s always an opportunity to help others succeed. Offering financial guidance is only one part of the equation. Investing in the economic growth and stability of the communities where we live and work drives us. We are dedicated to helping our communities take another step on their path to success.

Communities on the grow

North Fairmount Community Center (Cincinnati, OH) - $28,000 donation

The North Fairmount Community center gymnasium reopened after a major two-year refurbishment project made possible by First Financial Bank and Yellow Cardinal Advisory Group. The gymnasium serves the North Fairmount neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio.

LTHC Homeless Services (Lafayette, IN) – $30,000 donation

LTHC is the coordinated point of entry and initial assessment for people experiencing homelessness or a housing crisis in Tippecanoe County. Since 1989, they have helped thousands of individuals end their homelessness by helping them find a housing solution and connecting them to services and resources for long-term success.

Martindale-Brightwood (Indianapolis, IN) – $15,000 donation

The Martindale-Brightwood Community Development Corporation (MBCDC) is dedicated to developing their communities for the health and wealth of new and lifelong residents. Much of their economic, housing, and environmental revitalization work takes place with a host of community partners who share in the vision of improving the community. The organization offers many programs, including homeowner repair and weatherization, economic development, neighborhood beautification, workforce development, environmental justice, and much more.

Frequently asked questions

We have three main requirements for grant eligibility:

  • Applicants must be a not-for-profit organization recognized under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and in good standing with the Internal Revenue Service
  • Applicants must be located in or serving residents of a county located with First Financial Bank’s assessment areas
  • Applicants must be in good standing with First Financial Bank and any grant reporting requirements of the Bank and the Foundation

For more grant eligibility information, visit the First Financial Foundation page.

You can connect with us by emailing CommunityDevelopment@bankatfirst.com.

We designate sponsorships to fund events and programming that support an organization’s operating funds or capital projects in Economic Development, Education, and Neighborhood Development.

1 This does not include data from the First Financial Foundation.

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