Man wearing yellow ski cap holding hand to chin with a perplexed, questioning look
Man wearing yellow ski cap holding hand to chin with a perplexed, questioning look

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Most popular questions

You can call our Client First Center at 877.322.9530, Monday – Friday 8:00am –8:00pm EST, Saturday 8:00am – 5:00pm EST. Automated account access is available 24/7.

You can reset your password online or in-app. From the login screen, click on the forgot password option and follow the prompts. For additional assistance, you can give our Client First Center a call at 877.322.9530 during regular business hours and an associate will help you.

We offer a variety of lending options for those who are rebuilding their credit. Visit our personal lending and mortgage pages for more information on these programs.1

An overdraft occurs when you do not have enough money in your account to cover a transaction (“Insufficient Balance”), but we authorize or pay it anyway. View our Overdraft FAQs to learn more about our overdraft policy and possible fees.

You can also refer to the Terms and Conditions of Your Account for further information.2

If you have a deposit account with us, we will cash a check without a fee. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions of your account agreement for more information.2 If you have additional questions, please visit your local banking center or contact our Client First Center at 877.322.9530.

Our ATMs and ITMs offer check or cash deposits, withdrawals, loan payments, and more. We have a few how-to videos below to show you ways to use the services we offer.

About First Financial

Yes, we’re proud to be an FDIC insured bank. FDIC insurance coverage is $250,000 for each depositor, per insured bank, for each account ownership type.

A community bank typically has a much smaller and personalized approach than a large national bank. We consider ourselves lucky to be able to offer the feel of a community bank with the resources of a national bank. Learn more about the differences on our blog.

We’ve been around since 1863 and are proud of our success. Learn more about our history, stability and strength and leadership on our About Us page.

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Account-related questions

Contact our Client First Center immediately at 877.322.9530 to verify the charge on your account.

You can log in to online banking on your computer by clicking the black sign in button. You’ll then be prompted to enter your username and password to access our online banking services.

Download First Financial Bank’s mobile app for either Android or iOS.3

Yes! You can skip a trip to an ATM or financial center and deposit checks into your checking or savings account right from your smartphone with mobile deposit. Need more help? We have a video to guide you through the process.

Paying bills using online banking or an app has never been easier. To get started, log in to online banking on the app, computer or tablet and be sure you have a paper or electronic statement with account and contact information from the company or organization you wish to set up. For step-by-step instructions, check out our video guide.

During overnight processing generally between 9pm – 4am EST, the available balance displayed online may not reflect all pending transactions including deposits and/or charges made to your account. In addition to using online account services, we encourage you to maintain your own records to track your available balance.


A loan is essentially a one-time, lump-sum payment with a structured repayment plan over a set amount of time, typically with a fixed interest rate, although rates can be variable. A line of credit allows you access to funds over time in the amount you need instead of a lump-sum payment.1

Home equity is the phrase that describes the difference between what you still owe on your mortgage and what your home is currently worth. It’s the amount of your home that you own.

We have a variety of lending options to fit your needs. From home and auto, to boats, RVs, and jet skis, we can provide financing to make your dreams come true. If you don’t have or don’t want to use collateral to secure your loan, don’t worry, we have you covered with our unsecured lending options.1

The answer depends on what your financial needs are. If you need one lump-sum payment with a consistent interest rate and repayments over a set amount of time, a loan may be the better option for you. A credit card allows you to borrow money as you need it and pay it back over a variable timeframe. Still unsure? Our First Quick Loan allows you to borrow what you need over a short period. It automatically transitions into fixed-rate with repayments over a 60-month period.1

Sending and receiving wires

To receive a domestic wire you will need:

  • Your name
  • Your account number
  • First Financial Bank’s routing number: 042200910

To receive an international wire you will need:

  • Your name
  • Your account number
  • First Financial Bank’s routing number: 042200910
  • First Financial Bank’s SWIFT: FFBCUS3C
  • Name of bank: First Financial Bank
  • Bank city and state: Cincinnati, Ohio

If you are an individual looking to send a wire head to your nearest First Financial Bank location to facilitate an authorized wire payment.

Businesses have three options for wire transfers:

  • f1RSTNAVIGATORTM online banking wire module
    • 5:30pm EST cutoff time for same day transfers
  • PIN-based wire
    • Call wire operators with your assigned PIN. If you do not already have a PIN, call our Business Service Center at 866.604.7946 during regular business hours Mon-Fri: 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM EST
    • 4:30pm EST cutoff time for same day transfers
  • Banking center wire transfers
    • 4:30pm EST cutoff time for same day transfers

You'll need the following information about your recipient to send a wire:

  • Name
  • Account number
  • Routing number
  • SWIFT code (if the transfer is international)
  • Bank name
  • Bank city and state

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1 All loans are subject to credit review and approval and rates are subject to change without notice.

2 Terms and conditions | Special Handling/Electronic Banking Disclosure of Charges

3 Standard carrier and data rates may apply.

Account subject to Online Services User Agreement


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