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accounts payable efficiency. turbocharged.

Lower risk, lower cost, higher efficiency

We’ve got so many ways to help your business manage risk, improve efficiency, or reduce costs, just by adjusting your approach to your accounts payables. In fact, we can help you improve processes you didn’t even know needed any improving. Let’s talk about your options today. 

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

The popularity of ACH continues to grow with businesses of all sizes due to its high efficiency and low cost. We have the experience and tools to guide you with the best payment options for your business.

Credit Card Payments

Paying vendors with credit cards continues to gain traction with businesses of all sizes due to its high efficiency and ability to create cash flow in the form of rebates, as well as allowing your money to sit in your account longer. Let us help you determine the right payment solutions for your needs.

Fraud Prevention Services

Is your business protected? Implement internal processes and controls to protect against common fraud attempts like phishing and email compromise. We also have tools to help mitigate risk of fraud losses from checks and ACH.

First Financial is proud to collaborate with Edenred

Edenred provides automated accounts payable solutions for business of all sizes in all industries. A leader in payments innovation with a highly secure, cloud-based B2B payments processing platform, Edenred can deliver on all payment types including virtual card, ACH, and check.

Want us to make the first move, instead?

We know you’re busy. And sometimes banking needs take a backseat to other business demands. If you’re looking for help with treasury services, including payables, receivables, sweep accounts, digital solutions, and more, you’ve come to the right place.

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Real-world solutions for real-world problems

ACH Credit Origination

Our ACH (automated clearing house) services are designed to help you better manage your business cash flow, minimize costs, and boost the efficiency of your payables process. Save time and money when you switch from checks to one of our several options for originating ACH entries for your payroll, vendors, taxes, and other types of payables.1

Wire Solutions

Inconvenient, unsecure payments? We can make that a thing of the past. Quickly process and clear payments with our secure wire solutions using our encrypted wire module within f1RSTNAVIGATOR™ Online Banking.

ACH Positive Pay

Worried about unauthorized ACH transfers? Keep scammers at bay by setting rules to filter ACH debits on your business account, and receive notifications for exceptions that break your rules.

1 Credit review and approval required.

Fees may apply. Contact us for further details.


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