ready for a better way to look at money?

Simpler management, smarter decisions. Panorama makes it possible.

Wish you had a single, centralized view of all your finances? Panorama can give it to you. Our online banking tool securely brings together all of your accounts from any financial institution, including loans, credit cards, investments and more, to make smarter financial decisions easier. The best part? Panorama is free and available for all online banking clients to set-up.

Easily view and manage your finances in one place




Net worth

Create a budget that keeps you on track

Budgeting isn’t just about tracking expenses. It’s a tool to help you see where your money comes from and where it goes so you can make adjustments to meet your financial goals. Use our guide to create a budget that sticks.

Managing debt

Not all debt is bad, but all debt must be managed responsibly. Understand how debt works, know where to go for help, and make a plan. See how you can use your budget to pay off your debt.

Practicing mindful living

Don’t let stress get the best of you. There are ways to build resilience to stressors you may experience on a daily basis. Discover the fundamentals, benefits, and strategies you can use to practice mindful living.

Frequently asked questions

Panorama is First Financial Bank’s personal financial management tool within online banking. Using Panorama, you can collect your financial information from multiple sources, including other financial institutions, into one central location, creating a consolidated view. It’s free and available for all online banking clients to set-up.

  1. Log into online banking via our mobile app, tablet or desktop.
  2. On the home screen, Select "Panorama" and choose "Link Account" or "Add a Manual Account" to get started.

Yes. Panorama can access thousands of financial websites including deposit accounts, loans and credit cards, investment accounts, and 401K. You must have valid login credentials on the external financial website in order to link it to Panorama.

  1. Log into online banking via our mobile app, tablet or desktop.
  2. Select "Panorama" from the home screen.
  3. Select the "link account icon" next to the word Panorama.
  4. Search for the financial institution you are linking and select or select from the quick-pick list provided of suggested/popular financial institutions. If your institution is not displaying, you can select "add manual account".
  5. Enter your login information for the account’s online portal being added and select "Add".
  6. Panorama will then verify the login credential provided and pull in all available accounts you have for the added institution.
  7. Click "Add Accounts".
  8. The account is now linked and appears underneath your First Financial accounts.

Yes. Select "Transactions" from the navigation menu to view transactions across all accounts or use the filters section to select a specific account from the drop-down menu to isolate transactions per linked account.

Yes. The user-friendly navigation allows you to click between:

  • Spending to view a graphical representation of expenses and see where your money is going.
  • Budget to create a plan to help you on your path to success.
  • Net worth to view your assets and financial obligations from six months up to a year.
  • Trends & Debt to view categories so you can see where your dollars are working.



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