Fraud awareness: Safeguard your company from fraud

Empower yourself with knowledge and resources.

Promoting local business for 4 decades: Totally Promotional's growth tale

An early boost from First Financial ensured that both teams could grow together.

Purpose - Where the four Cs of credit worthiness converge

A strong purpose intrigues banks and helps businesses secure loans.

When applying for a commercial loan, character counts

A good reputation and clean financial history go a long way to secure a loan. 

Don’t compromise on capital

More available cash and assets means fewer barriers to securing a business loan. 

Building a strong collateral base for business loans

Collateral provides security for lenders and makes securing loans easier for businesses. 

How do banks gauge your business’ capacity?

Banks work to match your business with the appropriate amount of debt.

Hear from our clients

Watch FC Cincinnati co-CEO Jeff Berding and CFO Dennis Carroll discuss the club's relationship with First Financial Bank.

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