Group of volunteers raising their hands
Group of volunteers raising their hands

corporate social responsibility

Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Foundations of corporate social responsibility and environmental, social and governance (ESG) are integrated and rooted within the policies, procedures, and principles of First Financial Bank. We’re pleased to highlight our 2023 corporate social responsibility report.

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We strive to be an outstanding community partner that makes a meaningful difference through our leadership and involvement in each community. We exist to be woven into the communities we serve and provide resources to make lives better.


Investing in our people is a key part of our strategic plan. First Financial helps create more best days at work by providing opportunities for all associates to be developed, engaged, and inspired. As an employer in our communities, we work to eliminate bias and build equality.


As a good corporate citizen, we take seriously our responsibility to the environment and have implemented strategies to help reduce our impact on it. We believe that our communities thrive when our environment thrives, and we hope to help create the transition to a sustainable future.


We are excellent managers of risk, responsible corporate citizens, and careful allocators of capital, proud of our heritage and connected to the concerns of today, making a positive impact on the clients and communities we serve. Our individual actions are guided by the Bank’s commitment to ethics, inclusivity, and accountability.