people at work in a large warehouse full of boxes
people at work in a large warehouse full of boxes

automatically sweep up interest

Earn interest with sweeps? Yes, please.

Put your money to work. It’s easy to proactively manage your cash with our automated sweep services. Ensure that your funds are there when you need them, and that your excess funds are working for you to earn a return.

Line of Credit (LOC) Sweep

Extra funds automatically pay down the principal balance on your line of credit each business day.1

Ultimate Sweep

In times of excess liquidity when your LOC is paid to a zero balance, with an ultimate sweep your excess funds transfer to an investment option of your choice.1

Investment Sweep

Invest excess cash on a daily basis to enable a return. Options include Interest First Sweep and Mutual Fund Sweep.2

Zero Balance Account

Efficiently pools funds in a “parent” or “concentration” account, giving you more control over disbursements. Funds also automatically move to or from one or multiple “child” accounts used for specific business purposes.

Ready to talk sweeps?

If you’re looking to better understand our sweep account options, or any other business banking solutions we offer, we’re here to help.

Drop us a line here, and someone will be in touch with you soon.


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1 All loans are subject to credit review and approval.

2 Not FDIC insured.

Fees may apply. Contact us for further details.

All deposit accounts are subject to the Terms and Conditions, Special Handling/Electronic Banking Disclosure of Charges, and possibly other disclosures.


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