The Path To Financial Success Begins With A Savings Account

Whatever your financial goals, a savings account is a great place to start. It can help you create a cash reserve to cover unexpected expenses or pay for planned expenses. Your money grows safely—building interest—until you need it.

  • Earn interest

  • Eliminate paper waste and enjoy secure online access to current and past statements by enrolling in electronic statements1

  • Access your cash at any local banking center or within online banking 




Enroll in online banking at account opening and you can enjoy access to our digital services including:

  • Online and mobile banking2

  • Mobile deposit

  • Security and account alerts
  • An interest bearing account

  • $50 required to open account

  • $5 monthly service charge if the minimum daily balance falls below $250 any day of the month
  • A $5 excessive withdrawal fee will be assessed for each additional withdrawal/transfer if account exceeds the six (6) per month

  • Monthly service charge waived for the first 90 days; after that, it is waived with a $250 minimum daily balance
Ready to open an account?

 Our online application is easy to complete and to ensure it only takes a few minutes of your time, we want you to know about
additional information you’ll need to complete it.

  • One of the following identification pieces:

    Driver's license, military ID, passport, state-issued ID; as well as your social security number.
  • Access to your email.

    This is so you can complete a few verification steps and move quickly through the process.
  • If you are adding a joint applicant you'll need the other applicant's email address (must be different from your email address).
  • To fund your account, you’ll need to transfer money from a current First Financial account or another financial institution, so you'll need: bank account number, and routing number (only if transferring from another financial institution).
Check Out Our Digital Product Suite:

Link all of your accounts from a variety of financial institutions to get your full financial picture. View your First Financial Bank account(s) real-time balances and activity, access account history, pay bills, transfer money to friends and family, set up alerts and more.

Enroll Today

Whether it’s from your couch, the beach or a coffee shop our mobile app enables you to do more. You can access your bank accounts to manage your finances, monitor your spending, pay bills, make a deposit, transfer money and more.

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Deposit it! It's just that easy. Download our app and make a deposit from your mobile device. Anytime. Anywhere.

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Account security is important. Set alerts to get notified by text, email or phone call when your balance hits a certain level, a transaction clears or your account has been accessed.

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