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If you’re considering leasing or financing equipment to run your business, you’re not alone. 80% of companies take this approach to help preserve working capital, improve cash flow, and take advantage of tax depreciation opportunities. Properly structured, these arrangements can support your company’s growth while helping you reduce the risk associated with owning equipment. We can even tailor payments to meet seasonality requirements. We’re ready to help you with the right terms and flexible structures to meet your needs.

What you can finance just might surprise you

Equipment & Machinery

Stay ahead of the game with up-to-date equipment as you need it. We can even finance a percentage of the soft costs, like installation and training, and allow for step payments or even an occasional skip payment if seasonality affects your business.


If your business relies on transportation to keep it running, why not consider leasing your fleet? You’ll reduce the risk of aging vehicles that break down or require more maintenance than they’re worth. Financing options keep your business moving in the right direction.

Technology & Spaces

If you’re considering a makeover in your workspace, you may need some extra cash. We can help finance technology, along with fixture and furniture additions, to upgrade your business and make sure you can work at optimal capacity.

The team with the know-how

Mike Kaplan, Managing Director of Equipment Financing

As Managing Director, Mike Kaplan leads a team of seasoned professionals focused on helping clients with capital equipment purchases. Mike has more than 15 years of extensive knowledge in the areas of Equipment Finance, Leasing, Corporate & Institution Banking, Credit & Risk Management, and Business Development. 

Call Mike: 513.979.5705 | Cincinnati

Mark Zink, Vice President, Sales Executive

With over than three decades of experience under his belt, Mark Zink truly understands the equipment finance and leasing industry. He has spent most of his career in banking, even before joining First Financial. From securing financing for new equipment for a candy manufacturer, to supporting a logistics company in its expansion, Mark is ready to help commercial clients succeed.

Call Mark: 513.979.5745 | Cincinnati

Mark Kayse, Vice President, Sales Executive

Mark Kayse has joined First Financial Equipment Finance as a Sales Executive, with responsibilities for new business development in Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois. In addition to calling on middle market clients and prospects, Mark will also help grow FFEF’s syndication portfolio. Mark brings 30 years of equipment finance and leasing experience to First Financial Bank, serving in several capacities with large regional financial institutions. A Cincinnati native, Mark is a graduate of The Ohio State University and lives in Cincinnati with his wife Emily and their two children.

Call Mark: 513.657.7557 | Cincinnati

Trevor Bruner, Associate Sales Executive

Trevor Bruner has spent the last seven of his ten years in banking with First Financial. Before joining the Equipment Financing team, he served as a Business Development Manager for the Indianapolis Small Business Banking team. He’s passionate about helping business owners and work teams find strategic solutions and believes that building relationships based on trust is what sets First Financial bankers apart from the competition. A graduate of the University of Southern Indiana with an MBA from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, Trevor lives in Evansville, IN, with his family and is active in his community, particularly in the arts.

Call Trevor: 317.237.1513 | Indianapolis

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Local leadership means quick and informed decisions about your financing options. We have in-house credit, documentation, and funding capabilities, and offer flexible structure payments, including seasonal, step payments, and skip pay if you ever need it.

Our team has expertise in a variety of specialty industries, including agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and technology, and can provide:

  • Equipment Lines of Credit
  • Operating and Capital Leases
  • TRAC Leases (for over-the-road vehicles)
  • Equipment Term Loans
  • Interest Rate Risk Management
  • Equipment Appraisals

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Frequently asked questions

Financing equipment could be the right option for you if you want to conserve cash or plan to update equipment periodically. Equipment financing requires no down payment or up-front costs, and terms can be flexible up to 84 months. At the end of the term, you can purchase at the agreed-upon price or return. You can include “soft costs” such as installation and training. Plus, there are tax advantages; as an expense, lease payments may reduce tax liability. By financing equipment you spread costs over its useful life and make payments as you use it.

Finally, partnering with experts to finance equipment gives you in-depth industry knowledge, which can reduce acquisition mistakes.

With leasing and equipment finance, a customer pays to use the equipment rather than to own it. “Lease rates” (or rate factors) vary depending on the structure, equipment type, and term. It is not typical to disclose lease rates in the commercial leasing industry. Rates on equipment term loans are fully disclosed.

Yes. No payment is made to the equipment vendor until you have provided authorization and verbally confirmed to First Financial Equipment Finance that you authorize payment to the vendor.

Our local experts can customize lease programs and structures that address individual business and cash flow needs while providing a fast turn-around of credit, documentation, and funding.

A documentation fee of $500-$2,500 is due along with the first payment at closing. As with a loan, your customer, the borrower, is responsible for any tax associated with the purchase or use of the equipment. This includes sales, usage, and personal property tax. Any taxes paid on behalf of the borrower may contain a small processing fee.

Payments are prorated and due on the first of the month. Invoices start on the acceptance date and bill monthly through the end of lease term.

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