Exterior of Hi-Tek Manufacturing building
Exterior of Hi-Tek Manufacturing building

Hi-Tek and First Financial: Nearly 40 years growing together

At critical times, the most essential tools for managing growth are the financial ones. Ask the owners of Hi-Tek Manufacturing.

Hi-Tek is a leading maker of components for aviation, marine, and land-based power turbine engines – a highly specialized company in an expanding global market. But back in 1984, when co-founder Cletis Jackson started banking with First Financial, Hi-Tek was a much smaller, domestic tool-making company beginning to grow into what it is today.

On a one-to-five scale, I give First Financial a five. The team fulfills every need that Hi-Tek has...and it has been that way since day one. We've grown together."
- Cletis Jackson, Hi-Tek Manufacturing co-founder

And that growth had to be well-managed if it were to be profitable.

“We chose First Financial Bank because it was the right size for us, it had a convenient location, and – importantly – it had great reputation throughout the community,” Cletis said.

As Hi-Tek expanded its services and its client footprint overseas, First Financial kept pace with its transformation, fitting its evolving needs step by step.

By the time Hi-Tek began taking on clients in Europe, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia, First Financial had established services to easily accommodate international transfers. As technology evolved, First Financial set up online banking for Hi-Tek, through which it now manages credit card transactions and investment activities, including CDs.

Throughout the decades – especially in the first 10 to 15 years – when Hi-Tek had to borrow money or required financial troubleshooting, Cletis found that First Financial made the process refreshingly easy.

“The First Financial team has gone above and beyond many times,” Cletis said. “I call up our main point of contact, explain what we need, and that’s really all I have to do. If there’s ever an issue, we always get immediate and full attention until it’s resolved.”

Asked if Hi-Tek ever thought of switching banks, Cletis said there was never reason to.

“I believe in loyalty,” he said. “If our needs are being fulfilled, then we stay loyal.”

Cletis added: “First Financial fulfills the requirements of serving the business customer’s needs, by getting educated on what the business customer actually does – so they also understand the how’s and why’s. As a result, we get the banking services that are right to achieve our goals.”