Oak Street Funding® & First Franchise Capital™

Indianapolis-based Oak Street Funding and First Franchise Capital, both First Financial Bank companies, provide commercial financing for financial service businesses and restaurant franchisee owners as well as service third-party loans for financial institutions. Oak Street Funding and First Franchise Capital utilize industry knowledge, proprietary technology and passion to deliver top-quality service and capital products.


First Franchise Capital

Franchise Restaurant Lending*

First Franchise Capital believes strong relationships with our clients lead to personalized service and customized finance solutions. With our understanding of the business and capital needs unique to the franchise industry, we have the ability to provide custom financing as little as $200,000 up to $30,000,000. Our team of specialists deliver a personalized client approach to ensure your satisfaction and success

  • Acquisitions


    Whether you are acquiring a new store or in a new market, we have solution to help you meet your acquisition needs.*

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  • Equipment


    Let us help you with your restaurant equipment financing needs. We have the experience and knowledge to work with you and your vendors to promptly fund purchases.*

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  • New Store Development

    New Store Development

    If you are ready to expand your network through new store development, we can help. We can finance your project from the ground up if you own the land or building, or we can finance the equipment and tenant improvements if you don't.*

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  • Real Estate

    Real Estate

    If you are interested in owning the land under your restaurant, we are interested in helping on Real Estate and Ground Leases as well with terms up to 10 years and amortizations up to 15 years.*

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  • Refinance


    Take a look at your debt schedule. Do you have high interest rate loans in a low interest rate environment? Do you want to lock in low interest rates for a longer period of time? Talk to us about a refinance.*

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  • Remodels


    Remodels, refreshes and re-imaging are a way of life in the franchise restaurant industry. Let us help you tailor a solution to keep your restaurants fresh and current.*

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*All terms and conditions subject to credit approval. 

Oak Street Funding

Oak Street Funding is an expert in financing* for insurance businesses, registered financial advisors (RIAs) and certified public accountants (CPAs) as well as third-party servicing for commercial, specialty financing portfolios. Since 2003, we have been successful nationwide in fulfilling the unique capital needs for these cash flow-based industries while providing extraordinary service to our borrowers.

  • Retail Insurance Agency Lending

    Retail Insurance Agency Lending

    Borrow against the future commissions from your book of business or the book you plan to purchase without tapping into your personal credit. From initial growth, through the development and eventual divestiture of your firm, Oak Street Funding’s experience and expertise from completing thousands of insurance financing transactions can help you obtain capital.*

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  • MGA/MGU/Broker Lending

    MGA/MGU/Broker Lending

    Oak Street Funding specializes in providing the capital needed to expand insurance businesses, including acquisitions and leveraged buyouts. A capital management strategy involving responsible debt balanced with responsible liquidity is critical to success. Borrowing capital can help you create or maintain a ‘dry powder’ status for emerging opportunities without draining liquidity. Oak Street Funding lends to all types of insurance business across a diverse range of product lines.*

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  • Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) Firm Lending

    Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) Firm Lending

    Your RIA firm is challenged with growing throughout its life cycle, and you may need capital to meet your goals. Oak Street Funding recognizes investment advisors often find it difficult to access capital, because intangible assets like future fees don’t typically fit the lending models of traditional banks. Take advantage of our cash-flow based financing to launch your growth initiatives without borrowing against your personal assets.*

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  • CPA Practice Lending

    CPA Practice Lending

    Borrowing funds can help CPA practices pursue profitable opportunities throughout their life cycles, without draining liquidity or diluting equity. Whether you’re maturing by automating client services or acquiring another practice, you may need capital to meet your goals. Oak Street Funding’s strong financing expertise, innovative technology, proprietary actuarial models and experienced team align to develop customized lending options to meet the growing demand for CPA practice financing.*

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*All terms and conditions subject to credit approval.