Efficiently Manage Your ACH Payment Process and Reconciliation

Our comprehensive ACH Solutions can be used to:

  • process direct deposit of employee payroll
  • collect customer payments faster and more efficiently
  • pay vendors electronically
  • send tax payments
  • concentrate cash from deposit accounts held at other banks
  • include invoice data to simplify posting 
ACH Solutions

ACH Returns Management

Many businesses rely heavily on timely ACH payment information. At First Financial, our ACH returns management services allow you to receive same-day ACH return information. This access to the most current and accurate ACH return information will allow you to more efficiently manage your ACH payment process and reconciliation.

ACH Disbursement

Our ACH services can be used to efficiently manage your payables process for items such as payroll, vendor payments, EDI payments, and tax. Our online ACH and ACH file transfer service can allow for timely processing and give you the tools necessary to replace the administration, expense and risk associated with check payments.

ACH Positive Pay

Electronic payment fraud is on the rise and the prevalence of cyber fraud can put your account information at risk. Our ACH positive pay service allows you to decide which electronic debits and/or credits are allowed on your accounts and block those that are unauthorized. This service is a great, cost-effective way to protect your business.

ACH Collections

Streamline your receivables process by leveraging our ACH collection services. Work with your customers to establish electronic payments and we will assist you with setting up the appropriate ACH payment solution. Offers include debit collection service and cash concentration services.

Fees may apply.  Contact us for further details.

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