Tired of worrying about missing checks or lost payments?

Our Lockbox solution provides a new level of independence and efficiency when it comes to managing your receivables. By streamlining lockbox processing through advanced imaging and scanning technologies, your business can more effectively allocate your employees’ time, improve audits and get funds deposited into your account faster.

Our Lockbox Services will allow you to:

Expedite Collection of Receivables
Eliminate “desk float” or checks held at your business until they are deposited.

Establish an External Audit Trail
Implement a cost-effective way to reduce the risk of internal fraud loss since customer payments bypass internal processing and come directly to First Financial.

Have Timely Information
Obtain your remittance information on the same day the items are processed.

Enhance Reporting and Imaging
Image based technology is used to capture critical payment data from remittance documents. View and print reports of your remittance data, as well as the check and remittance document images through our robust and secure online client portal.

Streamline Functionality
Eliminate internal costs and inefficiencies by automating much of the of Accounts Receivable process.

Process Exceptions
First Financial Bank offers the capability for you to review items that cannot be processed prior to posting.

Lockbox Solutions

Wholesale Lockbox for B2B Payments

Automate posting of receivables, improve cash flow, separation of duties, improve audit control.

Retail Lockbox for C2B Payments

High volume consumer payments, automate receivables, improve customer service.

Fees may apply.  Contact us for further details.

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