We're proud to give back to the communities
in which we live and serve.

In accordance with the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), First Financial Bank is required to maintain and, upon request, make available for public inspection a complete CRA Public File, which includes information about the Bank's branch and ATM locations, our products and services, regulatory performance evaluations of our record of meeting community credit needs, and other information.

Interested parties can request to review the data provided at any of our banking centers. In addition, if a document hard copy is needed, a request can be made by emailing CommunityDevelopment@bankatfirst.com

Success means giving
We focus on five key areas for Community Development:






Access to Bank Services

First Financial increased and maintained access to financial services by opening and maintaining banking centers in low- and moderate-income areas. We strive to continue to develop financial services and products that are affordable and convenient to all community members. We are also proud to support local initiatives focused on helping our neighbors who are unbanked or underbanked.

Lending in the Community

First Financial has developed loan programs to attract new businesses and retain current clients in low- and moderate-income areas. First Financial Bank is proud to offer loans to nonprofit organizations serving housing and community development needs in these areas. Examples of local lending include Beasley Place in Cincinnati, Weinland Park Neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio, and the Minority Business Assistance Council Microloan Program in Dayton.

Investing in the Community

First Financial continues to invest in organizations located in low- and moderate-income communities through investments, sponsorships and donations.


At First Financial Bank we help communities through financial investments and ongoing volunteer efforts by our associates. Together, we enhance economic opportunities, build strong neighborhoods, and support the foundation for quality growth and development in the places we live and work.

Financial Education

First Financial focuses on contributing to and supporting organizations that provide financial literacy and educational support for the economically disadvantaged.

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