How to customize your app dashboard

Our app puts you in control of your finances. Here’s how to change some of your display settings.

Customize your app dashboard

How to reorder your accounts in the app

Swipe left and right or click the arrows under your accounts to view each of your accounts and loans. You can also click on “view all.”

Click on an account to view more information and various account settings.

To reorder your accounts, return to the main dashboard and click “View all” and then “Organize.”

Frequently asked questions

Tagging transactions in the new app and online banking is easy. Simply click on the account where the transaction occurred and then click on a specific transaction. From here you'll have the ability to add tags, notes, and see similar transactions.

Yes, you can easily search for specific transactions by using the "search" icon in the transactions section of the app. To begin, from the dashboard select the account you want to search then click on transactions.

You can view individual account activity by clicking on the the specific account you want to view. 


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