Woman holding First Financial Rewards card and a cup of coffee looking at laptop surrounded by holiday gifts
Woman holding First Financial Rewards card and a cup of coffee looking at laptop surrounded by holiday gifts

make the most of your credit card rewards during the holiday

Give a little, get a little with the right card

With the holiday season quickly approaching, many are planning to spend their money on gifts, food, decorations, and more. It can put a major dent in anyone’s wallet, but by using the right credit card, you can spend while getting something back for yourself.

Here are some ways you can make the most of your credit card rewards during this holiday season.

Create a plan

Maximizing credit card rewards and loyalty programs early can help boost your holiday buying power.

Getting caught up in the season of giving can mean overspending and having a high credit card balance, which can result in paying interest for months or even years to come. Sticking with a budget can help keep your spending in check.

Going through what you spent the previous year on gifts and decorations will give a rough estimate of what you might spend for the upcoming holiday. Developing a plan early will help you analyze where you spent the bulk of your money, determine better ways to save.

The right credit card for the right purchases

Before you begin spending, take a look at the credit cards you have. Review the terms of those cards to determine if there are any caps on the rewards each card offers. You also want to check whether any of them offer extra rewards on spending for certain shopping categories.

Look for incentives

Depending on the credit card you use, there may be times when the credit card issuer offers greater rewards in specific categories or from certain retailers.

Registering for emails from your card issuer will allow you to be alerted when those incentives are active and check for deals by regularly visiting their website.

With all the incentives that are offered, you may be tempted to max out your credit cards but sticking with a budget will help you avoid carrying high balances, while still enjoying the rewards.

One example of an incentive our credit card offers is the ability to use rewards at checkout. You can redeem 2,000 points for $10 off at Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens.

Apply for a new card

If you are in the market for a new credit card, you could apply for a card with a sign-up bonus offer. With people spending a little more during the holidays, reaching the minimum spending requirements become easier.

Many card issuers require you to spend a certain amount on purchases within the first few months of opening the account to earn a hefty sum of extra points, cash or miles.

Redeem rewards for holiday purchases

Maximizing credit card rewards and loyalty programs early can help boost your holiday buying power. Rewards can be redeemed in a variety of ways, from gift cards to travel.

Gift cards are one of the simplest redemption options and can be a smart way to use your rewards. Gift cards are one of the requested cards from consumers.

Travel rewards are an excellent redemption choice, especially if you have specific cards that offer bonus value on points redeemed through the card issuer. If redeeming for travel rewards, be sure to check the fine print. Many card issuers have black-out dates or require a Saturday stay.

Merchandise isn’t always the best choice for rewards because it can take more points or miles to cover the cost of an item than buying it in stores or online. So, it may feel like you are saving money, but you may have spent more than the product was worth.

Cash back, points, and miles are a great way to save money with a rewards card. Consider all your options before redeeming points to make sure you aren’t leaving cash on the table.

To earn rewards this holiday season, just remember to opt into your credit card bonus categories, shop online through your issuer’s shopping sites, and consider getting a new credit card that offers a sign-up bonus. Be sure to make the most of those rewards and redeem them for something nice that you’ve always wanted.

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