Technician working on electrical equipment, with Denier logo
Technician working on electrical equipment, with Denier logo

Denier Electric: rapid charged success

Helping a family-run contractor switch banks, without missing a step

In 2020, when Denier Electric, a family-run electrical contracting company, faced the task of choosing a new bank, it knew it had to select carefully. Because not only did the company need a one-time, seamless transition to ensure uninterrupted workflow, it also wanted a knowledgeable, invested advisor.

Denier Electric specializes in commercial clients, so its operations entail relationships with major general contractors and vendors – all of whom work around seasonality issues. Jeff, as president and chief financial officer, had to find a bank that could smoothly integrate a list of products for these fluid commercial needs, while also appreciating the dynamics of a third-generation family business.

“Transferring financial services among banks can take a long time because it involves the transition of accounts and other operations we use every day, and that demands a super-smooth hand-off,” Jeff said. “It also requires a sophisticated comprehension of how the bank’s services will fit with our business.”

The First Financial team approached the challenge step by step, having conversations to learn Denier Electric’s most pressing, as well as under-the-radar, issues. They then presented the company with a suite of solutions that included a line of credit, credit cards, and treasury management services.

“They listened to what we needed, asked relevant questions, and got right to work developing the services that would move us forward,” Jeff said. “At a critical time for us, First Financial made life easier.”

Take First Financial’s commercial online banking platform with treasury management capabilities. Jeff said it’s easy to use and manages daily activities, freeing time up to focus on work. Through the platform, Denier issues direct deposits, vendor payments, and it transitioned from paper checks to electronic fund transfers, without a wrinkle.

Jeff said the individual attention his company receives, and the expressed interest in meeting Denier Electric’s ongoing necessities, remains consistent day-to-day. When someone at Denier calls the bank for training or other needs, the relationship manager and support team take time to fully interpret the issue, solve the problem, and ensure all questions are answered.

However, he added, Denier has not experienced any major banking issues since the switch.

“The transition to First Financial was seamless, even simple – no hiccups! The entire team provides regular updates and shows real concern for our needs. We’ve gotten to know each other well in a short time, and I consider it a long-term relationship.”