Woman and young girl looking at girl's drawing, with LittleStar ABA Therapy logo in corner
Woman and young girl looking at girl's drawing, with LittleStar ABA Therapy logo in corner

LittleStar ABA Therapy grows with First Financial Bank

A seasoned banker meets the “just right” bank after joining non-profit

Often, an organization’s toughest client is the one who knows the industry from the inside out. Bill Brunner at LittleStar ABA Therapy is one of those clients.

Bill became the chief financial officer of Little Star ABA Therapy, the longest-serving autism treatment center in Indiana, following a 28-year career in banking and financing. So when it came to working with LittleStar’s existing bank, First Financial, he had certain expectations.

“Typically, banks are either too big or too small,” he said. “But First Financial is just right for us.”

In particular, Bill knew LittleStar needed a bank that would be the “just right” fit for anticipated growth. As one of the largest providers of ABA Therapy in the state and nation, LittleStar needed to evolve its services. 

Already, LittleStar expanded beyond clinical treatments to autism diagnostics, and had added a one-year internship. It also began teaching others, such as firefighters and paramedics, how to interact with people who are autistic.

On a day-to-day basis, meanwhile, LittleStar had to balance slow and busy periods. During the holidays, for example, the center may not see patients for an extended period of time.

The First Financial team worked with Bill to customize products and services to better meet the needs of LittleStar. For example, a seasonal line of credit to help manage LittleStar’s working capital during slower times, which can be funded with just one phone call and paid back online.

“First Financial offers banking solutions that are sophisticated yet flexible,” Bill said. “The First Financial team is refreshingly approachable and collaborative in matching products and services to our unique needs. And everything is delivered with a personal touch. I can call any time and my relationship manager picks up.”

First Financial also enrolled LittleStar in its Positive Pay package, which protects the checks LittleStar writes and receives, as well as all debits on its accounts. Now LittleStar gets email notifications that alert it to every check that has been cleared. Additionally, the First Financial team set LittleStar up with a corporate credit card that is easily managed online through one gatekeeping portal.

“The added services and launches were flawless,” Bill said. “The team always, always pulls together to provide caring client service, consistently. Our relationship with First Financial is just right.”

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