Two men in hard hats and high-visibility vests working in a manufacturing facility
Two men in hard hats and high-visibility vests working in a manufacturing facility

Case Study: Machine Manufacturing Company Received Responsive Customer Service When It Mattered Most


A Cincinnati manufacturer specializes in building machines for metal processing. Companies across the world rely on their products to help produce flawless metal used for critical infrastructure.

The Problem

The pandemic left businesses everywhere unsure about the future – and the Machine Manufacturing Company also felt that cloud of uncertainty. As an essential company that was still operating, they hoped their large bank would be there when they needed them.

Coils of metal stored in a large warehouse

We were counting on our bank to stay by our side, but they let us down. We needed a bank that cares about people as much as we do...First Financial Bank was friendly, genuine, and helpful. Even though we ended up not needing the line of credit they offered, knowing they were there for us made all the difference. I’m optimistic about our future because I know we’re in good hands with First Financial Bank.

General Manager,
Machine Manufacturing Company

But in the midst of the pandemic, their bank catered more to its largest customers. When the manufacturer reached out to their bank with questions or concerns, there was little to no communication in return.

Instead of helping when it mattered most, the large bank left them behind.

Switching to First Financial Bank

To get the attention they deserved, the Machine Manufacturing Company switched to First Financial Bank — which is known for providing personal, flexible, and tailored financial services for all their clients.

Even through the uncertainty, First Financial Bank’s responsive service – and offering a line of credit that ended up not being needed – made the Machine Manufacturing Company feel secure about the future.

With First Financial Bank in their corner, the Machine Manufacturing Company had the financial support and confidence to continue operating through the pandemic. And it knows the future is bright because First Financial Bank will be there for them every step of the way.

The Machine Manufacturing Company kept their entire team through the pandemic and is now growing rapidly.