mobile alerts to keep your accounts safe

Security, safety, and convenience

Be in the know 24/7 when you monitor your account by creating customized text, email, push notification, or phone call alerts. You can receive notifications based on account balances, transactions, login activity, and more.1

Perks of mobile alerts

Increase account security

Get notified of suspicious activity by receiving an alert if your password has been changed, your account is disabled, or your account is locked.

Transaction notifications

Customize your settings to receive alerts that matter to you, including debit transactions, when a specific check number clears, confirmation that funds are transferred between accounts, or even when a stop payment occurs or checks are reordered.

Know your balance

Get notified when a direct deposit has cleared your account, your balance is more than or less than a certain amount, and more.

Frequently asked questions

  • Enroll or login to online banking on your desktop or mobile device. 
  • From "Menu" select "Settings" and then select "Alerts".
  • Select "New Alert" and choose the type of alert you'd like to receive from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the appropriate account and delivery method.
  • To complete, select "Create Alert".
  • Don't forget to also set up "Security Alerts" within "Alerts" and double-check your delivery preferences to ensure your personal information is up-to-date and you never miss a notification.2

Learn more about setting up account alerts.

Complimentary security alerts, history alerts, online transaction alerts, reminders and account alerts are available.

Security alerts notify you when certain events occur that relate to the security of certain account-related information, such as a change to your online banking password or username. Being alerted to these types of changes can help you detect potential fraud.

Account alerts notify you of important account activity, such as when you have insufficient funds in your account or when a direct deposit has been received. When you sign up for alerts, you have the opportunity to select which alerts you would like to receive.

Alerts can be sent to you via text, email, push notifications or phone call. When you sign up, you can pick your preference.

1 Standard messaging and data rates may apply.

2 Subject to carrier availability and processing limitations.


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