Shot of a young businesswoman using smartphone in an office
Shot of a young businesswoman using smartphone in an office

how to use Insights for money management

The new money management tool to better understand your finances

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Never lose track of your money again. With our free money management tool, Insights, you can monitor your cashflow, set financial goals, plan your monthly budget, and check in on your net worth. The best part: you can see your First Financial Bank accounts and integrate accounts from other financial institutions, including loans, credit cards, and 401k plans. Now you can keep track of all your money, all in one place.

The easiest way to access Insights is within online banking on Your First Financial app. Simply navigate to the menu in the top left corner and click Insights. Once there, you will find Spending by CategoryBudget Progress, CashflowNet Worth, AccountsTransactions, and Goal Progress. Or, head over to online banking, log in to your online banking profile, and find Insights on the left-hand side. Then, you’ll find Cashflow, Goal ProgressMonthly Progress, and Net Worth sections ready to be setup with your financial information.


Manage your upcoming cash flow by adding future bills or income. Easily monitor how much money you have coming in – like your paycheck – and how much money you have going out – like your phone bill. Check your current balance, projected 7-day balance, and schedule any other streams of income (side hustle, second job, etc.) Setting up Cashflow is fast and simple, and it makes monitoring your money easier than ever.

Simply click into add cashflow and put in your bills and income. You can also configure accounts and add banking information from checking accounts, savings, and loans. Cashflow is the quick access way to keep your finances organized and monitor all your money in one place – its ease of use makes it accessible for any user.

Goal Progress

Saving for a new roof? Summer vacation? Fall semester? Wanting to pay off credit card debt? No matter your goal, monitor your progress and watch your savings grow. Or take the stress out of paying off debt by setting a goal and gradually working towards your designated dollar amount. You can even customize your own goals or use our preset goals, like save for a wedding or save for a car. Whether you’re trying to save or trying to pay off, you’re in complete control with Goal Progress.

To set up goals, simply add goal, click on the image/goal of your choice, and fill in your information. (Don’t forget: you can also set up real-time alerts to notify you on your progress. Head over to our digital tools page to learn more.)

Take the stress out of paying off debt by setting a goal and gradually working towards your designated dollar amount.

Monthly Budget

We’re here to help take the stigma out of budgeting – it doesn’t have to be all work, no play. By setting up a budget, you can monitor how much money you have throughout the month and learn your spending habits. Then you can pay bills, tackle debt, and budget for all the things you love.

To set up your monthly budget, simply click on add budget and follow the four steps to track your transactions: choose which tags to trackchoose the name and amountalert setup, and choose accounts. You can create budget alerts and set up email notifications for any alert of your choosing. You can even look back weeks and months at a time to view your progress and make any updates to your budget.

Net Worth

Your assets (like your home and car) minus your liabilities (like a mortgage or medical bill) equals your net worth. 

Easily keep track of your financial health, update your financial information, and monitor your net worth over the past several months or years. It’s easier than ever to track your investments, value, and overall financial health. Now you never have to wonder about your money or investments.

To track your net worth, simply add assets and link any account(s) of your choosing. The same steps can be followed to add liabilities.

Download the free Your First Financial app today or head over to online banking to start setting up your account. Money management doesn’t have to be complicated–Insights allows you to track overall spending by category, analyze your spending trends, and help you better understand your finances. Your money has never been more accessible.