African-American woman speaking on smartphone
African-American woman speaking on smartphone

f1RST Voice ID

Safe. Easy. Secure.

f1RST Voice ID is a form of identity verification for fast, frictionless, and secure account access. You can use f1RST Voice ID anytime you call us to make it easier for us to verify your identity. This removes the need to use your keypad to input identifying information making banking on the go more convenient.

The sound of each individual’s voice is entirely unique, and this technology can identify a person based on their voice. Think of it like a fingerprint, but for voices. The profile of voice characteristics will be recorded, mapped to a voiceprint and used to confirm a person’s identity.

No, f1RST Voice ID is free of charge.

Yes, this is a secure process. f1RST Voice ID uses an encrypted digital representation of your voice which will only work with our program. It cannot be used elsewhere.

No, you won’t need to use the same phrase every time. f1RST Voice ID will detect your voice and match with whatever conversation we are having with you.

Yes, this verification process will work if your voice sounds slightly different. If the difference is too extreme, we’ll just ask our regular verification questions.

If f1RST Voice ID is unable to verify your voice, we will simply ask our regular verification questions.

No. f1RST Voice ID captures your unique voice traits and is designed to safeguard against scammers and recordings.

Yes, once you enroll in f1RST Voice ID, your voice will be used like a password to access all accounts that you are an owner or signer on and that your f1RST Voice ID enrolled phone number is tied to. However, there are certain larger transactions and requests that could still require an extra step of verification, for your account’s safety.

To register for f1RST Voice ID, please call 844.828.1666. Once we get consent to enroll you, we only need to collect about 40 seconds of audio to establish your voice print.

Not at all. f1RST Voice ID is completely optional.

No, at this time you would be unenrolled from f1RST Voice ID once you move to Illinois due to biometric legislation enacted in the state, limiting the use of this type of technology.

f1RST Voice ID is an optional service for all First Financial clients within our footprint except those residing in the state of Illinois. Availability of services may change if your residency changes.

Eligible participants can be enrolled or unenrolled from f1RST Voice ID at any point by speaking to one of our customer service advocates at 844.828.1666.

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