Woman on couch reviewing financial data on laptop
Woman on couch reviewing financial data on laptop

Volatility in the Market Brings Risks and Opportunities

Insights from Yellow Cardinal Advisory Group

Many investors are feeling uneasy given the continued reversal in markets through the first five months of the year. Year-to-date returns for bonds haven’t been this negative since the inception of the US Aggregate Bond Index dating back to 1976. For equity investors, the market declines in the NASDAQ and the S&P 500 indices bring back unpleasant memories of the COVID lows in March of 2020 (bear market territory as defined by negative returns of 20% or more).

In light of this market turbulence, Yellow Cardinal Advisory Group provides an update on the market. Key points that are covered include:

  1. Importance of maintaining a long-term investment perspective
  2. Current thoughts on the market and how valuations and fundamentals have played a role
  3. Potential paradigm shift with regards to inflation and how that could bring risks and opportunities

Listen to Chief Investment Officer, Christopher Hagedorn, CFA discuss market volatility and why it’s important to leave emotions at bay and focus on disciplined investing.