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Step-by-step guidance and built-in stress relief

Planning and protecting your financial legacy? You can always depend on First Financial. As a trusted fiduciary and advocate, we will help you plan for the future and protect the assets you’ve worked so hard to build. The right services, professionals, and personal care are right here. We make sure you have peace of mind during the process so you can relax and feel confident. 

Trust administration

A trust is a legal structure established to transfer assets to beneficiaries (often your spouse, children, grandchildren, or a charity). In fact, establishing your trust may be the most important financial legacy you ever create. To establish a trust, you provide instructions in an agreement prepared by an attorney. Whether your trust needs to protect the finances of a special-needs child, children from a previous marriage, property in multiple states, or for many other reasons. We provide the personalized service you’ve come to expect from First Financial.

What we do for you as a fiduciary


We will enforce the terms of the trust based on your intent.


We understand and apply the applicable laws.


We are impartial to all beneficiaries.


We administer your personalized plan in a professional manner.

Estate settlement services

The administrative process resolving someone’s financial affairs after they have passed away can be difficult for a family member or friend to handle. The personal and legal responsibilities involved in estate settlement, especially when struggling with the loss of a loved one, are challenging. Our experienced estate settlement team will take care of the complex and cumbersome details surrounding your estate settlement. From providing settlement documentation to coordinating with accountants, appraisers, real estate agents, and insurance companies, we'll be there to guide and support you.

What we do for you


We ensure assets are protected and invested effectively.


We handle payment of estate expenses and meet with beneficiaries.

Manage taxes

We prepare and file tax returns.


We distribute assets to beneficiaries properly and efficiently.

Want to learn more? We’re here to help.

You might not know it, but estate planning really is for everyone. If you have assets, dependents, or want to make sure your loved ones are cared for as they age, some form of estate planning can help you make sure these needs are met.

Are you prepared for the “Great Wealth Transfer”? If you haven’t heard of it, you’re not alone. Experts predict the largest generational wealth transfer in U.S. history is expected to happen over the next 25 years.1

We can help you get ready for what’s ahead by explaining the different types of wealth transfers, the pros and cons of each, highlighting potential fee and tax implications, and more. We’ll discuss specific documents and what they do, including wills, Power of Attorney (POA), Health Care Power of Attorney (HCPOA), living wills, and what happens if you don’t plan. Together we will build a suitable plan for you and your family.


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