At First Financial Bank, our client safety and security is very important. For this reason, here are a few things you should know about your online account and our contact methods:

  • Your User ID and Password will stay the same.
  • We'll never e-mail or call you to ask you for any personal information as a requirement for getting additional security to manage your accounts online.

Keep your accounts and information safe

For more information on the types of scams you need to recognize, please see the Related Links section below. To report suspicious e-mail or other scams, please contact us at or 877.322.8100, immediately.

We use a variety of technologies and techniques to help ensure that our products and services are secure. You should protect yourself too by making an effort to control risks when you use your personal computer or conduct business online.

Here are some steps you can take:

  • Don't give your passwords to anyone. And don't record your passwords in an easy-to-find place
  • Change your passwords often. Be sure to choose passwords that are hard for others to guess
  • If you notice suspicious activity in your accounts, report it immediately to the appropriate parties
  • Take advantage of your PC's security features
  • Install, anti-virus, anti-spyware, and other internet security software on your PC. Use it regularly and keep it up-to-date
  • Be leery of e-mails you received from people you don't know, and don't open any attachments they may contain. When in doubt, delete the message without opening it
  • Make sure your browser uses the strongest encryption available and be aware of the encryption levels of the sites and applications you use